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A Multi-national Professional Organization for Agricultural, Economic and Environmental Improvements of Rural Vietnam

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Introduction: Economic change for rural areas is the key to a better Vietnam and to economic growth for the West

Despite lacking of resources, drastic population growth and a deteriorating infrastructure, but with courage and diligence, the people of Vietnam have progressed beyond expectation. Bold entrepreneurships, foreign investments, tireless diligence and gutsy adventures, etc. all have accelerated the luxury image for large cities. Life has been rewarding for those with money but unfortunately, the overall and true economic and human life of the vast rural areas continue to be gloomy. Calculated urbanization and real estate schemes and high rises and are merely for the rich, not intended for the economy for the mass. They also influence the foundations for agricultural and industrial productions, which are essential for Vietnam's economy and for the massive poor population. These developments illuminate the successful control of the nation for those with wealth and power but covered up the deep cracks of economic fallacy underneath. They have also handed down to proletariats and the poor - the group we were supposed to help - the runaway cost of living, accumulated human despairs and injustices that can only measured by young girls having to become sex toys for foreigners, children under 12 having to sell lottery tickets on the streets 16 hrs a day in exchange for food. The countryside with over 50 millions are subsisting in poverty, illnesses and hopelessness yet unable to become productive as all opportunities are not intended for them from the start. To top them all, repetitive flooding, food insecurity, disease threats, constant neighborhood crimes, official harassments and corruptions... all are making life miserable for the poor and even for businesses. Meanwhile, the natural environment and human habitat are alarmingly contaminated from years of industrial and business abuses exposing people to serious health, ecological and environmental dilemma.

However, we have seen the remarkable strength of the people of Vietnam in their ability to bear and to rise above hardships. But they must be provided with leadership, directions and an opportunity. To create any economic change, we must formulate short, long term intelligent plans with modernization, methodology and organization. This is what VINAREX wish to do for Vietnam. Our mission is to organize a comprehensive but methodical agricultural, industrial plans so rural people can rebuild their lives, to recover their pride as Vietnamese and to revive a glimpse of hope for a new future. The wealth of a small few and of foreign companies does not make a nation strong. Economic strength for the people and by the people will, which in turns support the strength and success of all, including the governments, the businesses, the professionals and foreign nations who support us!

In today's global economy, we need exportable production for domestic monetary stability; We needs to strengthen our economic leverage to withstand China's tactical intimidations and predatory economic schemes. We CAN rise above our own economic downfalls but without opportunities, without modernization or methodology, without the means of production or the right to work, Vietnam's highly productive labor forces can never create such economic strength. We must plan our agricultural and industrial productions based on international needs, on domestic realities and on the strength of the people and not the shallow preferences of certain groups. Many mainland Chinese groups are here to serve their own predatory greed and that the people, the nation and even government officials are merely the tools for their use. They will continue to exploit, isolate and control Vietnam's economic potency; They will continue to siphon all opportunities away from the mass and even intentionally limit our economic growth to further influence the future of Vietnam.

Additionally, economic progress cannot be done at the sacrifice of nature, of the environment, of the cultural traditions and social values of the people. Vietnam is not lacking of the skillful and dedicated professionals to strengthen the nation - professionals inside and outside of Vietnam. They were not given the rights or the opportunities to. Foreign aids is largely wasted and ineffective due to smart corruptions and skillful embezzlements. If the international communities truly wish to help the people of Vietnam, help us at VINAREX. Together with this diligent and willing labor force, with a methodical plan from Vinarex, the future of Vietnam as a respectable nation in Asia along with international peace and prosperity are within our reach. THAT IS OUR MISSION.

What is the difference between VINAREX and other business or professional organizations?

VINAREX is a professional, scientific international organization dedicated to the improvement of life and the environment via the development of methodical plans in agriculture, industries, environment. We have developed a Ten-year Economic Development Plan for rural Vietnam with 50 millions people now live in poverty or with per capita income of less than 1200 USD per year while minimal living cost is 1500 USD per year, in which housing cost has been heartlessly but calculatedly pushed to take up 80% of their income of the poor. We are not into profit for ourselves but we are not a charity and do not believe in free handouts. Charities or entitlements are ineffective, wasteful, and counter-productive for society as well as for the person. Charity is never a choice by the people of Vietnam either. They want to be successful with their own hands and be proud of themselves as Vietnamese a tradition and strength. They do not want to be pitied in life but be provided with a tool and an opportunity to be productive and be proud that they can contribute to the economy just as good as a privileged few. We have developed a plan, we know the exact methods and process and we will work with them hand-in-hand in muddy farms or dusty factories until human dignity and personal pride are returned to them. We are not here to exploit the country or the people for our own profit, we do not use labors as slavery so we can be rich. We are an organization that creates businesses for the people but will use profits not for ourselves but to improve the local communities, to rebuild the infrastructure and the environment, and most of all, to create a new future for rural Vietnam so young girls will never have to become sex toys for men and that young children can go to schools instead of selling tickets on the streets. Our mission is to bring economic and environmental health to rural Vietnam. We support the people regardless of their background, education and capabilities. We respect each person for the work they contribute and not the family they belong. Each will be given a share of our profit and provided with all the basic necessities in life: Education so their children, Health Care Plan when they are sick, flood insurance to protect what they have worked so hard for... We create an organization that provides the farmers and workers with the right to live and the chance to grow. When we are rich, each of them will be entitled to a share of our success. We will teach the people that it is possible to achieve and to prosper without cheating or corruption, without calculated schemes or damaging the environment, but just by knowing how to work correctly, scientifically and methodically  -  THAT IS WHAT THIS ORGANIZATION IS ABOUT.

Why we all must work to improve life and the environment for rural Vietnam:

The countryside is living with the trash from our "economic progress"

Economic progress cannot be defined merely as increase of income,  properties and businesses for the rich and the privilege in cities alone.... We must address the poverty and environmental problems in rural areas where massive poor people are. This is the agricultural and economic plans we like to bring to the people of Vietnam.

We must treat agriculture and industry as a scientific, high tech businesses and our farmers as partners - not workers to exploit

Until then, our agriculture will be just a sidewalk economy and farmers are just slaves. We have to re-think and industrialize agriculture in scientific and organized manners. Agriculture is just for export revenue - It's a matter of public health, national image and the protection of other important sectors including hotels, tourism, restaurants and food service businesses.

Labor slavery is not industrial growth; We can industrialize Vietnam with without exploiting the poor. This is the industrial growth in our view.

In our standard, $100/mo in foreign factories is pure slavery. We can change it by creating and innovating our own industrial sector with our own profitable operations. We will establish model industries in Vietnam so our young generations can look forward to and be proud of themselves.

Nature and the environment is a part of our life to be respected and care for. As part of life, when they are gone, so will the quality of living

Vietnam is facing problematic environmental, health problems from years of business abuses and from the lacking of infrastructural and environmental improvements in rural areas. Economic progress with serious disrespect of the environment will stricken our habitat and will be costly to repair. We will actively take part in the protection of our precious nature, our habitat, and the environment.

I.  OUR MISSION:  To dedicate our knowledge and experience to the people of Vietnam via methodical, scientific, systematic economic plans to remove poverty, regenerate economic growth and environmental improvements for rural Vietnam

Our first step is to recreate an economic foundation for rural Vietnam in 5 years

WHY POVERTY IN VIETNAM? 60% of our 89 mil population in rural areas with an economy that can pay only $1000/yr or less while cities are already overcrowded, costly and do not have more to offer.

70% of the 46-million workforce must compete for only low paying jobs. Factories, foreign and domestic, pay workers just $120/mo. 50 million people in a countryside without much agriculture or industry... No way our industry can compete with the more experienced neighbors and China for us to solely focus on. We can rebuild our export agriculture where our strength can be. We have the experience, knowledge and a strong workforce within the people. We can regain our national pride, increase the income of the people and to recreate our own the strength of Vietnam as a Nation.

WHY AGRICULTURE?  Industries are great but they employ less than 10%  of the 46-million work force; Agriculture is still viable and necessary for Vietnam's GDP. Why importing vegetables from China that is full of bio agents and additives?

Agriculture is important in every nation including China and the US. Chinese agriculture employs 65% workforce, 29% of GDP. Thailand agriculture is 19% GDP, employs 43% workforce (24 million!) and covers 70% of their export! Vietnam is busy with a building industry for the rich. Our agriculture amounts to 10% and employ just below 5% of its 46 mil workforce! We are not ready to compete in industry, technology with other Asian countries. Our strength is still Export Agriculture but must be methodically done, systematically organized, and precisely planned and produced.

BUT AGRICULTURE PAYS POORLY? Rice is just for domestic need as we cannot compete with Thailand. It is not agriculture that is poor. We must grow correct and suitable agriculture to make 5 times of rice or $15,000/Ha instead of $2000

Our present wholesaler-grower system is sickening and ineffective. It creates and encourages pure exploitation of farmers yet production quality and crop selection are too low for export. We must change such system and our crop selection. With VINAREX'  Programs, the average income $15,000/Ha: 7 times higher than rice but cost 4 times less than shrimps... By better organized, mechanized and modernized, our net income per Ha will be more than $18,000/Ha/family, can pay more than $500 per full-time worker (instead of $120). We will add more businesses to cities within 5 yrs while erasing poverty from rural areas.


To increase income, we must know what, how to grow and with a smart operation plan and a network to bring results. To reach world-class production and quality, we must modernize, mechanize with scientific and methodical operation. This is done only with KNOWLEDGE, EXPERIENCE and a PROFESSIONAL operation. We must also create a SELF-SUFFICIENCY system whereby agricultural operations are supported by other economic and financial management strategies. We can implement such comprehensive network with ORGANIZATION.

WHY ORGANIZATION?  Agriculture and industrial tech are scientific and methodical work. They must be done in a systematic and organized process, especially when we must compete with other exporting nations like Thailand and China.

The complexity of a modern export agricultural program in Vietnam requires a methodical organization. Having developed agriculture for other poor countries and knowing Vietnam, we have to engineer a uniquely suitable organization in reaching our production and business objectives for the farmers and for the country. We also must be strong, efficient, unified and determined so we can bring an end to poverty in rural Vietnam and to serve the economic goals of the Nation.

AGRICULTURE IS INSEPARABLE from THE INFRASTRUCTURE AND ENVIRONMENT: Both are at alarming level with too much abuses. We have to make immediate plans to improve our habitat to prevent health and ecological disasters.

High birthrate in the 70s, unplanned urban development, outdated, overworked infrastructure, and extensive business abuses, etc.. have deteriorated the human habitat and the environment in Vietnam at a threatening pace. Foreign and domestic companies continue to add more damages with destructive products. Our current aquaculture bring temporary income but create other environmental and geological disasters... We must quickly undo these trends. With the assistance of leading nations, we will make immediate plans to rebuild the countryside.

The followings will briefly describe WHAT, HOW AND WHY we want to create such economic development process.


Economic planning and profitability is no longer a matter of policies, speeches and threats but real money-making products and services. Economic growth largely depends upon the ability of the people to have the freedom, training, and the means to INNOVATE, OPERATE, PRODUCE, and COMPETE effectively with the rest of the World in our products. With our extensive HANDS-ON knowledge and world-wide experience in tropical agriculture and industrial development, together with the hardworking farmers, young professionals, engineers and scientists in Vietnam, we can implement this comprehensive economic plan without any problems. Unlike other nations especially China, we can do so without the irresponsible use of bio-agents, growth stimulants, genetics. antibodies, hormone manipulators, hidden chemicals and etc. Our 200-page Economic Plan called "Ten-year Economic and Environmental Development of Rural Vietnam" seek to carefully organize 136 projects at 6 "Economic Zones." With just 671 million initial investment, we will establish annual revenue of 10 billion USD in 5 years and 16 billion USD in 10 years, employing 120,000 people. We will invigorate many other local industries and businesses from hotels, tourism, restaurants, supermarkets, and other businesses. We will elevate the miserable $1000 per capita income to $10,000 after 5 years to create a better life for millions of Vietnamese in the countryside and making Vietnam a respectable nation in Asia in just 5 years.

We will quickly summarize our 10-year Economic Plan comprises of 136 projects to be developed at 6 "Economic Enterprise Zones" from North to South. The development process will be in 3 Phases below. Latter chapters will explain our Economic Plan better.

EXPLORATORY PHASE Specific tasks to be done Expenses funded by

EXPLORATORY PHASE 2009 - 2012 To study and assess the overall economic situations, needs and to write our a 10-year Economic Plan for Rural Vietnam....

2009: Study of Economic situations in over 20 provinces in rural Vietnam...

Pocket money by Tran Nhat Bao. 6 months of travel, study, field observations of facts; Discussions with hundreds of person in rural areas.

2010: Writing of Economic Plans

7 months to prepare an Economic Plan and other supporting materials by Tran Nhat Bao

2010-11: Exploring for Support in VN, US, and other nations

Continuous meetings and discussion for support with professionals and leaders in Vietnam, US and overseas. All costs paid for by Tran Nhat Bao


Specific tasks and Cost Funding sources

(A) WRITING THE DETAIL OPERATION PLANS FOR 136 PROJECTS in 24 months with 122 professionals, scientists, engineers in VN

24 months, 122 scientists, engineers, professionals to write136 projects; Cost $5.9 Million to write/plan all.

We are looking for funding to come from private organizations without political motives and who will respect the confidentiality of our planning information, our industrial/economic or trade secrets of Vietnam


Another $3.9 million to set up 1 engineering test site, 1 Industrial lab,

2 agricultural/research labs:

We are looking for funding for from friendly governments to Vietnam such as JAPAN, KOREA, RUSSIA AND AUSTRALIA.


1 Tissue culture lab, 1 pathology and bacteriology labs

We are looking for funding for from friendly governments to Vietnam such as JAPAN, KOREA, RUSSIA AND AUSTRALIA.


Major Economic Sectors Funding sources

THE FIRST 5-YEAR PLAN: To quickly establish key economic foundations, base planning with focus on urgent domestic and foreign product groups.

40-50 Agricultural projects/urgencies


Industrial manufacturing & training

Infrastructural and Environmental urgencies


Major Economic Sectors Funding sources

The Second 5-YEAR PLAN: To stabilize, consolidate and expand on all projects to focus on more long term plans

Over 70 Agricultural projects


Over 30 Industrial manufacturing projects

Over 30 Environmental products and others


We are a group of professionals in Vietnam, US and other nations. We are not politicians or not wealthy. We need the support of governmental and international organizations who believe in the common goals and interests of humanity in providing an opportunity for us to help the 50 millions in Southeast Asia, particularly in Vietnam. We believe that regional development and international benefits can be realistically achieved via smart and real economic plans and cost much less than superficial or unrealistic projects that do not bring incomes for the poor and do not have active participation of the poor and professional as well as the government in Vietnam. Unlike any other projects, ours will seek to reciprocate with donor nations with economic trades with the respective nations and this is one of the practical repayment method and mutual growth we advocate. We will seek the supply of equipment, materials, machinery, start-up cost, education, training, and scientific work. We would be happy to provide our own expertise and professionalism in helping the poor in your own countries someday with similar plans such as ours.

As a professional, scientific organization whose sole purpose to improve life and the environment for rural Vietnam via economic projects, our mission is economics, humanitarian and environmental. We believe that constructive and useful international objectives can be better achieved by economic cooperation and business projects without the need for politics or ideologies. The people of Vietnam do not need governmental politics from any nations including the US but will work hard to generate new businesses and growth for US and Western companies and their families. Economic cooperation bring mutual economic growth, mutual understanding, mutual friendship and appreciation that last a lifetime. Politics is costly, wasteful, useless and only regenerate useless resentments. Most importantly, it does not create jobs and produce money for the people of their own countries. Diplomatic strength thrives on economic independence and international relations grows with mutual support and economic interdependence - not speeches and meetings.

Type of Organizations Nature of relationship or support Explanation

United Nations Organizations

Worldwide foundations

Scientific, Equipment, Training

UN are with a respectable group of experts in science, technology, business and economic development especially in developing countries like Vietnam. Our work with them will be for scientific, technical training.

Informational Exchange

Some limited funding support


Diplomatic, Informational Exchange

We invite the presence and support of the leaderships of these countries to join us to signify the meaning of global responsibility and international cooperation to promote mutual understanding in the improvements of life and environment.

Scientific, Equipment, Training

Funding (when workable)


Diplomatic and Financial Support

Private corporations and non-profit organizations will be important for our organization and they can contribute support and funding without political ends or political attachments which is not our business.

Scientific, Equipment, Training

Financial support may be for interests

We don't just create businesses for Vietnam. Our economic plan deliberately includes the creation of new businesses, new trade and growth for US and Western companies and to help Western companies lessening their weakening dependence on the predatory China. US government may be glorifying their economic needs with speeches, policies but truthfully political and ideological postures are neither useful for the US nor productive for the people and businesses of both nations. Only substantive and prosperous economic plans via honesty, cooperation, diligence and dedication can bring about common goals between nations. We are seeking support from are US, UK, RUSSIA, JAPAN, GERMANY, AUSTRALIA, TAIWAN, KOREA. We urge these great nations to realize the importance of economic growth and its mutual benefits to support our mission for rural Vietnam. This is a model economic plan that is more cost-effective and with more practical regional implications and costs just a fraction of other programs.

The cost of 1 single war missile alone can help us to prepare this Economic Plan for millions and to effect the hearts of millions. The cost of 100 missiles can rebuild the lives of millions. Missiles not only destroy, they have built-in hatred that will cost billions more to overcome, whereas smart economic plans can change the lives, the hearts and the thinking in people forever - at very little cost! At the same time, we cannot waste millions of our treasury feeding via programs or foreign aids that will landed up into the hands of corrupted officials without helping Americans at home. As Americans, we will use these opportunities to devise practical plans to invigorate new economic growth and cooperation between the people of Vietnam and the people and private companies in the US and other nations, so together with rural Vietnam, we can further economic trade and cooperation in mutual support and mutual respect without the need to incite wasteful and useless political motives against governments or the people.

An important direction we seek to accomplish is that we will provide farmers, workers with an opportunity to own a part of the business - no matter how small or how big - where they serve. Therefore, we will form economic cooperatives, partnerships, joint-ventures with private individuals, farmers and workers for each project and with opportunities for them to become leaders within each project. Specific incorporating formula may be determined as deemed suitable. Our purpose is to create a strong economic future for Vietnam but we cannot do so without remembering the most important people that help built such strength: The farmers, the workers, the field staff, the technicians and the managers.


We must also create additional "SUPPORT BUSINESS PROJECTS" to (a) Generate additional cash-flow (b) To support or employ other family members of our farmers and workers and (c) to provide opportunities to young women and men in rural areas so girls do not have to work as sex objects for Asian foreigners and Vietnamese from the US and that young men will not need to work as slaves in cheap Chinese-owned factories. These Support Businesses then will be turned over the respected members of the village to lead so they can continue to help others as they become successful.

Click the websites below for an overview of the special enterprises we will create to generate money to work. These are special projects or programs we innovate to (1) solve employment and economic problems for rural families and professionals whose families do not have money or connections and (2) From these special services or businesses, we will generate money to support our economic plans.




www.vinarex-ebda.org (pending)

www.vinarex-open.org (pending)

Vocational Training schools and job placement programs for young families in rural areas

Professional and economic programs for the handicapped and disadvantaged in rural areas

Organization that specializes in improving sensitive and important economic, human and legal issues among nations

Organization that specializes in innovating business joint ventures between Vietnam and other nations. Profits will be used for our economic plans

This organization is to dedicate to the improvements of the infrastructure and the environment in rural areas.

The above description summarizes the totality and practicality of our economic plan for rural Vietnam for viewers. Vietnam is with numerous smart, diligent, hard working people at all levels of the social strata. The current directions and situations will continue to limit their ability to make a living for themselves or to contribute to society. In today's world, global information and movements have render most conventional top-down economic policies useless. No government policy measures are effective without real economic projects or profitable products and productions by the people and from the people. We understand Vietnam economically more so than anybody else and can prepare the people and the nations towards a better future whereby they can stand up among other nations and be proud of themselves.

The following chapters will provide readers with WHAT, HOW AND WHY of our economic plan for the people of rural Vietnam.

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