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A Multi-national Non-Profit Professional Organization for Agricultural and Rural Development for Vietnam

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BUILDING A BETTER HUMAN RELATIONS IN OUR ORGANIZATION: People are just as important as our products

We are not a charity that provides free handouts and do not believe that charities are effective or preferred by the people of Vietnam. They want to be successful on their own and be proud of themselves as Vietnamese with a history, tradition and strength. They do not want to feel worthless in life but be provided with a tool and an opportunity so they can be productive and proud of themselves that they can contribute to the economy just as good as those who are richer. VINAREX will do just that. We will develop a plan, a method and will work with them hand-in-hand in muddy farms or dusty factories alongside with them until they can stand up again. We are not a business that exploits them for our own profit - we are an organization that creates and works for  a profit but will use them not for ourselves but for the benefits of the farmers, the local communities and the nation of Vietnam. Our mission is to bring economic and environmental improvement to rural Vietnam so Vietnam can become an example for neighboring nations to respect and admire. What makes us a special organization is how we support each others regardless of background, education and capabilities. We treat each person with respect, honor and want them to become useful citizens to society and respectable professionals in their work. It does not matter if one is a dirty farmer, an office worker, or just a security guard, each of them is well honored for the responsibility and dedication they bring. Each of them will be given a share of our profit and provided with necessary life supports: Education so their children won't be poor ever again, Health Care Plan when they are sick, flood insurance plan to protect what they have worked so hard for. We don't create an organization so that we can be rich from the farmers, workers but an organization that will provide the farmers and workers with a chance to be successful on their own life. When we are rich, each of them will be entitled to a share of our success. We will prove to the people that it is possible to achieve better things in life by knowing how to produce correctly, scientifically and methodically 


For Whom we are here?

Why they are important to us?

Why do we consider them our responsibility?

We take a different view of our farmers and workers: They are the essence of Vinarex - They are the most important group of our organization. They work with us and not for us.

It is not just a matter of our responsibility to support and treat farmers or  workers as part of our team, it is a more productive methodology. When farmers and workers are respected,  the production engine is well maintained and taken cared of with respect. The better trained production and its staff, the better our production. It is not just a philosophy, not just a sensible labor policy but a realistic principle for our organization.

Office workers no matter who, they make our operations run. They deserve our respect and a profit from our success.

We must operate with the care and respect for every components, department and elements of our organization and this includes the office and manual support staff. They are maintaining our operations and fill in the functions where farmers or scientists could not do. With us, they deserve the appreciation of others regardless of education and positions. They too deserve and will be given a share of profit because without them, our organization cannot run.

Scientists, engineers, managers.. are the brain of our team. Without them, we are blind and weak. They show us the right way- not servants for us to scold.

Professionals and managements are the composite of the brain system that directs and moves our daily operations. Science and technology are the foundations of our success and so is our management team. The difference in our system will be that the goal of management system is efficiency, methodology and lubrication and not determinants of how the process will take place. This is a fair, effective and more functional approach to planning and execution.

We work and care for the children of EACH farmer, worker, laborer, engineer, manager working with us as a team. They are also our family no matter where or when

We must be our own examples for others. To typical companies,  workers are commodities to be used alone. Our workers are whom we serve and if their families are important to them, they too, are important to us. This philosophy is both practical, human and productive and this is why we will work hard to plan supports and security to workers' families thru many support programs from insurance, jobs, housing to education.

A child is dirty or clean, rich or poor, they are whom we must serve and cultivate. They are the cause and the goals of our work.

Why we will dedicate ourselves and our profits to rebuild the infrastructure? Re-cultivate our environment thru roads, sanitary systems, vocational schools, etc.? It's the future generations. No matter how rich or poor, dirty or clean, happy or sad, the children will become our  replacements and if the habitat they live in are torn, deteriorated from our own abuses, they too, will live with these destructions we left for them.

Vinarex does not work to make ourselves stronger, we work to make this country stronger. This is where we are different than other private companies.

Unlike other private companies whose profits go into individuals, our profits go to the new roadways, the cleaner air with less trash and diseases, the more natural beauties and social security for people to be proud of and the continuing expansion of more economic opportunities so people can depend on to care for their families. That is what we call THE STRENGTH AND PRIDE OF A NATION OF VIETNAM we hope to build for their people.

The above human relation principles represent what this organization will stand for and base upon to operate throughout our plans: The hard working people in our organization and the communities where we work, are our objectives to whom and for which we are working for - Not from whom and from which we exploit for our own profit. By strengthening our land and supporting the people on that land especially our future generations, we are renovating and strengthening the countryside and remove the word "poverty" and "hopelessness" from their future. We will prove to others that this is not just a philosophy or a theory. It can be translated into practical success for millions now still living in emptiness, diseases and trash left behind by the success of a few others...


This following illustration will describe the simple but very distinct work philosophy and objectives of VINAREX vs any typical private corporations: Who do we work for and why we are more beneficial for the people and the nation of Vietnam.

Typical private organizations or companies uses workers according to specific business plan for a profit. Such profit will not go anywhere else except to the Corporate structure, the executives in money + bonus + profit sharing. None to workers, None to the countryside - None to the environment; None to the infrastructure; None to the Nation.

VINAREX with its experience, knowledge and organizational capability joint hands with farmers, workers and professionals on specific plans. Such Plans and their profits first go to strengthen other economic plans of other brother sites (if necessary), then contribute into a long term pension-like funds and insurance funds for their families, children, and to rebuild the community, local infrastructure and the environment for the countryside, thus strengthening the country and the nation.


We carry out our principles of respect, support and care for each staff and professional with real life supports and assistance regardless of background, education and job they do for us. Our agricultural and industrial workers will be treated with most respect and honor because they have always been treated lowly by others. Our philosophy is: We give more to those who needed the most or those who have had only the least.

During the incubating period  (1.5 to 3 yrs depending on the crop)

When ea crop becomes profitable, we will provide profit sharing to workers and contribute to infra-structural, environmental work for local community and to support other weak crops.


Agricultural or Industrial Site  (4 to 5 sites total in first 5-year)

Education - Training

Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D

Group E

Plan - Prep - Seed

Vinarex to plan, organize, train, provide planting/mechanization work for each agricultural group


Vinarex in charge of organized marketing-export plans for each crop

Family Support

Create, organize collective life supports (insurance, health prevention, education for families...)

Crop-Financial Support

Create, organize support businesses for cash-flow, family-crop expenses for growers

During the productive period  (After 3-4 years)

When crop established, permanent supports incl. Health, Education, and other family support activities; After 5 years, we will consider borrow to construct housing for long time staff.


Agricultural or Industrial production staff at Agricultural Site

Financial support among groups

Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D

Group E


Vinarex to expand collective supports: Insurance, health prevention, education for families...


Vinarex distribute bonuses to successful crops to each worker in agricultural or industrial group


Vinarex to create, organize funds for children up to HS; Scholarships for exceptional children


Vinarex to create low cost housing for farmers, workers after 10 years.



Our professional staff (scientists, engineers, researchers...) are highly regarded in our Organization as we value the importance of science and technology in our work over other priories. They are those who we must listen to and follow their advice; On the other hand, the management philosophy is emphasized on efficiency, steadiness and contribution more so than enforcement, hierarchy and procedural matters. The professional and management staff are the directorship for us to follow and respect. They are responsible for the objectives we pursue so our workers can be responsible for the strength for us to reach these objectives.

Professionals and Scientists are whom we follow because functionally, we are a professional and scientific organization

First 5-years: Same as others; After 5 years: Staff will be eligible for co-pay educational, long term health plans; After 10 yrs, staff can own-operate expanded agricultural or industrial projects


Well respected and honored in our Organization


  Vinarex to expand collective supports: Insurance, health prevention, education for families...

Vinarex to set up  education fund  for families up to HS; Scholarships for exceptional children


Vinarex to set up health plan, health clinic and permanent doctor on site


Vinarex to provide bonuses from profits of projects


Vinarex to plan, assist managers/scientists to own new expanded projects


It's the policy of this Organization that every worker, no matter how high or low, are respected and appreciated because in our work, every components is equally important to one another. Office staff and manual worker are necessary as they take care of all the office and clerical work for all of us that we cannot do.

To us, office workers or manual workers are a part of our larger goals. Without them, managers and scientists cannot work

First 2 yrs: No benefits except emergency funds;

Next 3 years: Benefit is about 1/2 of farmer level; After 5 years, benefits to be same as farmers and industrial workers


Benefits available after 2 years


  Vinarex to provide 10 to 40% of insurance cost for health, auto, health prevention program

Vinarex to set up  education fund  for families for children up to HS


Vinarex to set up  health clinic and permanent doctor on site


Vinarex to provide bonuses from profits of projects AFTER 5 YRS


Vinarex can assist workers to set up own farms part-time but must meet our standard


VINAREX can set up INDEPENDENT FARM PROJECTS for certain crops or projects based on mutual evaluation and agreement. How this program works: Farmer to operate own crops with own equipments and investment; Vinarex will set up, assist and will guarantee purchases of all crops if they meet known standard to both parties. Prices per prior agreement. Long term agreement only. Details will be discussed with our Business Dept. Various Plans available.

Independent farms for selective crops under long term agreement to enlarge opportunities to the people

This is to provide members of the group the opportunity to own independent farm but working with our system for export; We guarantee to accept all production for sale at prior agreed prices deducting export commissions and other expenses



Plan A: Partial Investment

Using up to 25% of own money; Generally must be former member of our Org for at least 6 years; must complete 4 years working with the crop; past tests, proven ability to produce quality goods

Plan B: 50% Investment

Using up to 50% of own money; Must be former member of VINAREX for at least 5 years with min 3 years of working with the crop; past tests; proven ability to produce the same products

Plan C: All Investment,

Must be member of VINAREX for at least 3 years and 2 years working with the same crop; Must have previous experience in same field and proven ability to produce quality products

Plan D:


Plan E



In conclusion, we are a different but simple organization. Our work is build agricultural and economic progress to improve people's life and to contribute the local communities. Unlike private corporations who keep profits to a small group, we re-distribute them to support other agricultural or industrial projects, to relieve some of the pains and suffering by our own staff in their life by creating REAL supports they need from health care  to education, etc. The larger we grow, the more money we will give back to EACH staff even if he is just a manual worker. To us, everyone is an important person. Because of their work, we are successful.


US Office: 714-903-1900  Fax 714-901-9500 Toll Free US-Canada-Mexico  1-888-515-8055  Contact admin.us@vinarex.org

HCM Vietnam Admin Office: 49-H Xa Lo Ha Noi Thao Dien, Q2, tp HCM,  Administrative Dept: Tel 08-3744-9000

Research & Development: Tel 08-3744-9900   Fax 08-3744-6866  Contact admin@vinarex.org

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