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The sobering garbage problem in Vietnam vividly displays of the tragic contrast of Vietnam's socio-economic strata that we are now responsible for from our own reckless quest for wealth.  Economic progress for a small few means that some humans now live in conditions that we once thought that it could only happen to strayed animals; Urban developments and property build-up schemes are the joys and laughters for the rich but these developments have relocated rubbish to where the poor has to live. Combining with the already serious water and sewage dilemma, garbage compounds the social and health threats to the poor on top of poverty. Garbage means that millions of disease pathogens are happily breeding and roaming our streets, into our homes... Strong enough to cause a local epidemic at the right time. They ruin the beauty of any cities; They cause millions in tourism loss each day and paint a dark side to our national image... To improve life, we must urgently work on a combination of strategies to this garbage problem. But we cannot solve the problem with another capitalistic scheme by commercializing garbage service and make people pay as a "user' fee", "beautification fee" or "recycling fee" trick (**) for profit to another business group like in the US. Capitalization of public services for profit increases cost of living for the poor; Recycling fee and users fee system adds fixed costs to businesses, increases wholesale price, adds to inflation pressure and inhibits economic growth. The majority of the people in Vietnam are too poor to subject them to another capitalistic solution. It is possible to innovate and organize more affordable services. We must control the cost of living for the poor instead of adding to it by another of our pursuit of wealth.

VINAREX will actively participate with the local governments and Vietnamese professionals in developing clear, smart, realistic, achievable but equitable solutions that do not increase cost of living to the poor or add more burdens to small businesses . We believe that garbage problem can be solved with innovative and practical strategies suitable for Vietnam. It is unacceptable for us professionals to use our business wisdom to add burdens to the poor and to small businesses.  We have to do better than that.

We do not need to follow the capitalist profiteering business models of commercializing garbage into a mandatory monthly bill on the poor. This model is not yet suitable for Vietnam and will impose unnecessary burden on the poor. Their lives are hard enough without more fees.  We can use our knowledge to innovate better methods so we do not need to raise the living cost upon people. These unjustified burden is economically unwise and socially and politically risky as it will cultivate a restlessness and hatred towards government.


(**) "Recycling Fee" in the US, particularly in California is more a  racketeering: In the name of "environment", government requires "deposits" or pre-payment at retail stores and also from manufacturers and wholesalers from water, beer, soda bottles to computers, etc. They said it was temporary but as it seems to produce high salaties for executives, they made it  permanent as it takes money  from people freely and justifiably by "laws.". Deposits never returned to anybody. Billions collected monthly but not much done except some symbolic collection locations as a "show". Collected materials are then sold to factories for money. It is a business between the State government and garbage corporations at the expenses of consumers and manufacturers. This is one reason why US manufacturing costs and product costs are high and they cannot compete with anybody while consumers must pay higher cost. We cannot copy this model to Vietnam because our people are poor and small businesses are making very little. Garbage service cost in the US are among the highest in the world. Garbage companies monopolize services then charge monthly fees to residents and businesses. Garbage companies in the US are among the richest corporations stealing billions from people each month. Cost of living in the US will continue to drive down their economy, nullify people's savings as garbage companies will continue to increase costs for profit. We must not follow this mistake that will increase hardship on the poor and on businesses.


 Open trash is an breeding ground for diseases to both human and animals...

In hot and humid weather of Vietnam, garbage multiplies pathogens at a faster rate to contaminate air and ground with millions of air-borne germs anywhere people are. Trash are on the roadsides and in waters for weeks or even months. Services are available but cannot catch up with the speed people dispose; In most cases, services are limited, piecemeal, and lacking of any meaningful system to handle the problem.

 Garbage is spreading more diseases and bacteria to children and the elderly than the human body can handle

Flies, rats, mosquitoes, dogs, cats, etc. becomes carriers and breeders of diseases as they dwell on the garbage and bring them into people's home. In case of any epidemic exposure, it will be difficult for us to control the spread of the disease especially in rural areas where medical staff, medicine and habitat are so limited.

 Ground waters are contaminated because of garbage, adding more environmental and health problems

Surface garbage may be cleaned up but contaminations in ground waters continue to dissolve into the food and drink supply systems of the people as garbage and moisture carry the liquefied pollutants and pathogens into ground water reservoirs only to be pumped up later to be used for drinking and cooking and digested into human bodies.

 Thousands of businesses and factories continue to dispose garbage in anyway they like...

Lacking of enforcement, lacking of personal responsibilities and business abuses continue to enlarge the problem. Open burning lessens ground contamination but shifts to the air and habitat. Some oversea Vietnamese businessmen want to incinerate garbage to sell electricity but fool the local government by releasing untreated smokes into the air...We must devise strategies to control problems and to provide the means for the people to comply with laws while continue to build long term processing facilities to recycle garbage as soon as possible.

Bacteria, viruses airborne onto outdoor foods, outdoor grown vegetables then back into human again...

As people must continue to drink/cook with unclean water, must live with bacteria-filled raw sewage on the road, in the river, with locally vegetables are laced with unknown chemicals while imported Chinese vegetables are grown with genetic and bio-chemical agents, hormone stimulants...We now will see more evidence of diseases in adults and birth defects in unborn children... Our recent visit to local maternity hospitals clearly indicated this trend for the poor... WE MUST CHANGE THIS for the people and for the country.


Garbage problems will inevitably lead to epidemiologic threats to both human and animal. Over-developments in cities cover up garbage in the cities but relocate them in the outskirts where poor people must live. Complaining alone will not solve problems nor could we commercialize on such social need and charge high monthly fees to the poor using the capitalists' business mentality to increase the living cost onto the poor and make their lives harder than it already has been. We can design a comprehensive plan to solve the problem professionally, scientifically yet keep our cost a minimum so we don't need to take money from the poor. This is the difference between VINAREX and other businessmen.


We don't just discuss problems. We will devise REALISTIC, PRACTICAL, DIRECT but LEAST COSTLY WAYS to deal with Vietnam's garbage dilemma. Environmentalists often ask people to sacrifice the economy over garbage; Other real estate interest groups continue to quickly relocate rubbish to the countryside where the poor must live, etc... On the other hand, we cannot require that local government to be responsible when the costs are enormous and when everyone is willing to throw garbage anywhere. VINAREX advocates a well planned growth approach while actively provide solutions that are AFFORDABLE by the people. Here are what and how we will do it:

Strategy 1

VINAREX to create garbage-related products for high end homes, hotels, selective industries, hospitals, etc to generate funds for garbage programs for the poor and crowded towns. We must work with governments to require certain buildings, industries, businesses, hospitals, etc to purchase our systems/products so we can generate money for garbage projects for the crowded rural areas...

Strategy 2

To jointly design and build smaller central processing centers with better collection carts, more compacting bins, more pre-sorted trash cans and waste greens. Pre-sorting must be enforced to lessen & speed up the processing cost; Feasibility studies to be made on the fuel pellets/briquettes and fertilizer pellet from garbage wastes + pulverized greens; And converting garbage to energy forms.

Strategy 3

To assist local government to set up plans to enforce laws and require heavier fines against illegal industrial and business dumping. This is a major environmental problem in Vietnam today than accounts for most of the contaminants in waters, ground waters. Most are done by foreign companies by abusing the lack of administrative laws and training of staff against industrial crimes.

Strategy 4

To create and manufacture special reproduction (recycling) equipment to produce marketable products (gas, fertilizers, payments for metals, cans, etc.) and pay the people to encourage them to save, sort and dispose properly.

Strategy 5 

To create, design and sell various high end street elements to the Government such as: garbage cans, lamp posts, street signs, street lights, public toilets of several types, etc. for use in the cities to generate money to build small central garbage processing facilities in the poorer towns and in the countryside.

These strategies provide services and products to the wealthy and government, creating better living quality for the cities while also generating revenues to finance garbage processing tools and facilities for poor and crowded towns. They provide everyone an opportunity to participate and working together on this social problems to make Vietnam a cleaner place to live for the rich and poor; They also allow the rich to help the poor and to contribute to society in a more useful way. Basically how it works is simple and same as our other operations: Creating product and services to service other products or services; Creating fair opportunities for those who have money to help those who have not - Not adding cost burdens or making the poor to pay for expenses so some individuals or corporations can be richer.

OUR STRATEGIES: How will they work?  

Strategy 1

Example picture only-

Cleaner society is essential to a better public health and public image. Richer people want, enjoy and appreciate cleaner living more than others and willing buy garbage disposal, garbage processors. We can use the profit to fund low cost central processing systems and recycling centers in rural communities. Knowing that what they buy will help the poor, richer people will support the program. We will not use this reason to sell bad products but use our product development strength to create higher standard products so this strategy will benefit BOTH the rich and poor in helping to part of the garbage problem for Vietnam.

To create products for fancy homes, high rises, selective industries, hospitals to fund garbage systems to contribute to funds for garbage programs for the poor and crowded towns...

Strategy 2

Example picture only

With lacking of roadways in Vietnam, smaller garbage processing centers are more practical. We plan to find money to build them in Vietnam within a few years. The garbage collection and processing setting must be reorganized to be fast and efficient. We can import or build equipments for sell but must have the government to require people to buy these products so we can take care of our garbage problems for everyone! We will seek international technical assistance to fabricate garbage equipment and machinery here in Vietnam at provinces with high unemployment and frequent disasters in Central Vietnam.

Smaller central processing centers with better collection carts... Pre-sorting must be enforced; Feasibility studies re: fuel and fertilizer pellets; Also energy conversion from garbage.

Strategy 3

Example picture only

As shown in previous chapter, the execution and enforcement against industrial and business dumping must be forceful and clear (1) First, our engineers and scientists will design and install high tech sensors and monitoring instruments for deterrence and apprehension while (2) Working with each companies to help them set up feasible on-site disposal processing equipment so they don't dump illegally. Industrial dumping is a serious crime because it causes diseases, death to children especially unborn and loss of properties to farmers, fishermen, etc who need clean waters for their work.

Assist government to enforce laws against illegal industrial dumping by hi tech sensor and monitoring systems before they cause problems. This is a major problem in VN today.

Strategy 4 

Example picture only

We can design and manufacture equipments to produce useful by-products such as methane gas, fertilizers, papers while also set up processing facilities to sort, recycle and reproduce by-products. By converting these reproduction plans into business profit and share them with the people, people will learn to save, to dispose properly. Our export department will develop export of aluminum, plastics or seek local contracts of beverage company. However, to make the strategy works, we must require every household and every business to use pre-sorted bins so we can process the garbage more efficiently at the least cost.

To design, manufacture special equipment to make by-products (gas, fertilizers). To create sub-strategies to make people and businesses save, sort and dispose properly and sell for money.

Strategy 5 

Example picture only

To further our garbage programs for crowded, rural areas, we will have our engineers to design and build (whenever feasible) various high-end street-use elements, products to sell to the city and provincial government to achieve 2 objectives at one time: (1) To create a better image and a cleaner city for the government, and (2) Using the opportunity to generate money for garbage programs for rural areas. Our cities desperately need better looking street-use products but if government just buys from others, the profits will benefit only foreign or private businesses. With us, they can also provide work for the people and directly solve the garbage problems for the poor. We can achieve both objectives while also creating a respectable image for the government.

To create, design and sell various high end street elements to the Government from garbage cans, lamp posts, street signs-lights, public toilets , etc. We can make money to build small garbage processing facilities in rural Vietnam.

Websites are not suitable to discuss details but fundamentally, these strategies are practical, direct, and financially smart for the government and for the people. They are designed to solve garbage problems responsibly, amicably but keep the money circulations within the society for some economic growth instead of relocating money for private garbage businesses or to foreign companies. The following segments will further describe our strategies.

FINANCING: How do we support our Garbage Processing Programs?

The basis of our strategies is to use business wisdom and business developments in one area to support the other. The value of our approach and methodology is that these above strategies do not cost extra money except the initial start-up cost for each product plan. Further, these product or service plans also intend to address the garbage-related problem in one area or another. For example: Profits from garbage and disposal equipments sold to the rich, hotels, hospitals, industries, businesses are then used to fund collective garbage sites for rural areas, etc. so everyone will benefit from our work and all segments of our society are participating in the process of alleviating our garbage dilemma!

Seeking fund, training, tools, materials from other nations so we can develop, design, and even manufacture the garbage program equipment and machinery

The profits from the sales and services of these products for the rich, for the cities will go to these garbage programs for everyone...


Strategy 1: EXAMPLES OF GARBAGE PRODUCTS to fund garbage processing systems for crowded towns in rural areas

Our strategy and process are simple: With training and experience in product development and economic planning, we will design, develop, sell products to wealthy households and commercial establishments; Profit from which will go to fund, subsidy low-end household and collective garbage centers to at least control problems and to buy some time while developing more long term garbage processing centers or solutions for rural Vietnam.

TYPICAL GARBAGE PRODUCTS & SYSTEMS for to generate money for products and systems for the poor

Imported high end garbage-related consumers products for the rich


Garbage problems start at a home. Any equipment that can reduce or process trash will help. By providing the rich with better living products, we can also help to build up funds for garbage equipments in rural areas. This helps to redistribute wealth in a very useful way.

Disposer (Grinders)

Fancy garbage cans

Garbage composters

Trash compactors

Commercial containers and small processing bins for hotels and large restaurants


Commercial businesses generates 2 times more garbage than households. They desperately need better tools, equipments to service people. We can create and supply them so they can minimize garbage while also helping the poor to live cleaner.

HD cans & bags

Large bins for rent

Garbage composter

Biological Wastes

Specialized Disposal Systems for the food , hotels and other industries


As discussed, we can devise, design and build up over the course of 5 years various equipment and services for restaurants, food processors, hotels and other industries with products and services so we can have money to build garbage systems at low service costs to the poor.

Industrial waste processor

Grease traps for restaurants

Food waste compost equipment to rent-sell

Grease & garbage services

Knowing the right products and the right strategy, we can generate money for garbage projects for the poor while providing businesses from hotels to restaurants with better equipments to work, to keep their food, services clean and also to prevent diseases. Vietnam is countless number of restaurants that can use our services and to help the rural with better garbage systems. By working together as a team and by knowing how to develop the right plan, we can slowly rebuild the water quality to the people - both rich and poor.


Strategy 2: SMALL PROCESSING-CONVERSION CENTERS towards the reproduction of fuel, fertilizer and energy forms (gas, electricity...)

It is debatable whether Vietnam needs larger garbage processing facility or smaller ones? We feel that smaller and medium processing systems with many smaller innovative collection equipments are more suitable due to lacking of roadways for larger trucks and the too many narrow alleys. However, we also propose the manufacturing of small by-product equipments and the future construction of 1 to 3 specialized manufacturing sites of garbage byproducts such as fuel pellets/briquettes, pellet fertilizers, cooking gas, and perhaps even energy products...

Improving the Collection System - Creating By-products from Garbage - Teaching Social Responsibility...

To improve our garbage collection systems, we propose to do the following steps:

     (A)  We must re-design, create, organize and set up collection systems and equipments suitable for Vietnam

     (B)  We must create, build, allow some temporary, immediate solutions to control the spread of diseases in cities and towns

     (C)  While "B" is working, we must study and determine some innovative conversion method suitable for each province of town

     (D)  Study long term processing centers: Fuel, Fertilizer by-products, Sales of materials, Sales of Energy from garbage, etc.

(A)  we must create collection tools and transporters suitable for Vietnam

We must organize, systemize and networking our garbage collection from pre-sorting to processing:

1) First we must design, build motorized vehicles to collect  trash for a required monthly fee 2) Ea household must purchase trash cans;  3) Each Large enclosed compacting bin per 10,000 households is  located at select locations of the town 4) Bins are transported to processing facility at set schedule for processing; 5) Pre-sorted Items (plastic - glass - metals) must use pre-sort cans or pre-sort collection vehicle; Household garbage in garbage cans and bins; Monthly fee to be determined; This business can be a joint-venture with local residents so they can be responsible

Electric garbage carts

Small to Large Pre-sort bins

Small to Large transfer trash bins

Bins  transported to processing center

(B)  Create immediate temporary solutions while other faster long term plans are built

Intermediary solution is better than nothing

These are not the most desired solution but better than nothing where suitable/acceptable and safe while better  processing centers are built, to lessen the health  problem for the town: (1) Simple garbage composters or burners can be designed, sold  (2) Larger enclosed incinerators are built with import parts for private or public garbage company (3) Better designed incinerators with smoke neutralizer for larger villages and (4) Where possible, allow simple garbage sorters and processors to be operated. Simple processors can be with human sorters, rotary incinerator, and compactor. Finished products to transport to larger facility later.

Make & sell simple cans for burning where suitable

Design, build, sell simple incinerators for now for large users

Design, build mobile incinerator for remote areas

Design, build safe simple processors for temporary use

(C)  We must study, select and import or build innovative slow-burn incinerators

Slow-processors to convert garbage to safe materials

Many smaller towns are with limited roadway. Even when there are, roads are not useable by large garbage trucks. For this situations, we must study the design and manufacturing of smaller Low Temperature Processors that can convert garbage into useable fertilizers or materials for secondary processing (into fuel pellets, fertilizers after mixing with green composts and other catalysts). This option will at least process or convert garbage into bacteria-free materials.

Household wastes

Hotel wastes

Restaurant wastes

Hospital wastes

(D) Extensive study, design, build long term reproduction centers with special equipments to produce fuel briquettes, fertilizers, and possible energy forms

Technology now can produce by-products to sell and to minimize environmental problems from garbage

Methane gas, pellets for burring, etc

Turbines for electricity

Recycling or Processing Centers are typically designed in 1 or 2 stages: (1) Sorting-Separating of Metals, Glass, Papers and (2) Processing of garbage into by-products and  energy forms and the last reduced residues are buried at dump site. Metal, glass, papers can be sold in bulk for money to pay for the operation cost. This is common today. However we will design and develop by-products such as fuel briquettes, fertilizer pellets (with green mix); Thereafter, other garbage can be transformed into energy forms such as methane gas, running turbines for electricity, etc.

PAPERS, METALS, GLASS for bulk sales




Typical items must but collected, separated, sorted, packed and shipped to be processed

Newspapers, books... Card-board, paper boxes Plastic bags Plastic bottles Water bottles Aluminum cans Other metals Appliances TIRES OIL  CAR BATTERIES GAS TANKS ELEC-TRONICS MERCURY items Small Batteries Wood + trees

The above strategy presents a two-fold approach to the problem: Immediate solutions to control the spread of diseases while setting up long term solutions that produce money for a self-sustained garbage operation. In each of these steps, we must look into the manufacturing of these supplies, tools, equipments in Vietnam to cultivate new industries and to assist those provinces with unemployment and natural disaster problems in Central Vietnam.

Strategy 3 and 4:  Manufacture Small Garbage Processing Products and Setup Enforcement Systems for local government for income

This strategy consists of 3 different processes (1) The first is to create, import, and even seeking donations of instruments and products to sell and rent to industries and government for money to fund garbage projects. (2) The second is to manufacture or import garbage collection or processing systems used by institutions such as hospitals, jails, factories, etc and (3) To set up monitoring and sensor systems to deter and to catch illegal dumping by businesses with fines to contribute to a fund to create garbage processing centers, materials, tools and equipments for garbage services.

Products and Services to sell to government and institutions or industries for money to fund garbage collection-processing systems for crowded or rural towns


Other engineering services we can do to generate incomes while assisting government and industries such as: Sensor instruments, Remote Sensor and infrared photo systems can detect and catch illegal dumping


Portable instruments to monitor dumping

Garbage Processors to sell to hotels, hospitals

Rental or bins to industries, businesses

Setting up Industrial sensor-monitor systems and services to deter and control industrial dumping by suspect businesses


Other engineering services we can do to generate incomes while assisting government and industries such as: Sensor instruments, Remote Sensor Systems to detect and enforce laws, Direct Monitoring Systems at industrial company to monitor their pollution compliance with the laws...

Ozone, Gas Detector

Remote sensor systems for rivers, soil...

Set up remote monitor systems for government

We can provide software to help government

These are some typical examples of products and services VINAREX can create to generate money for the government as well as for our common garbage projects for Vietnam. This strategy will not only address the problem of industrial dumping, it also creates money for garbage projects for the local provinces or cities.

Strategy 5:   DESIGN, MANUFACTURE STREET-USE ELEMENTS to generate money for Garbage Processing Plans for small Towns

The image of scattering garbage in so many streets in Vietnam have painted a dark images for our cities. They ruined the beauty of cities, caused millions of income loss per year to the tourism, travel, real estate, businesses, etc. This strategy of designing and developing beautiful street products and street-use elements for cities will greatly improve our national image, recover millions of income loss to businesses, industry and tourism, while create money for us to solve the garbage problem! If government buys from others, the income will just become useless or just to profit foreign suppliers. With us, the government will gain a better image with the people and will benefit our people, our cities and towns because the profit will go back for our garbage projects! We also locate these manufacturing plants at provinces with high unemployment and hard-hit flood each year. This strategy will be strongly supported not only by international bodies but by the people at large anywhere!

Excellent, innovative and useful plans to generate money for garbage processing centers and to improve the living quality and image of the cities of Vietnam:

We can design and build beautiful street garbage cans and public toilets to sell to large cities to rebuild our images and lessen public health problems for cities

This will restore our national image

Street garbage cans, pre-sort cans are not just beautiful, they are needed for cities, towns. They create better images and help people from littering. We also desperately need public toilets and emergency police-call centers to prevent street crimes that cause us to loose money from businesses and tourism.

Beautiful trash cans for city streets

Beautiful Pre-sort cans for sidewalks Beautiful public toilets Beautiful Toilet + Police call centers..

Beautiful trash cans, toilets are critically needed at all cities of Vietnam. By helping us, they are helping their own cities and their own people in many different ways. This strategy not only restore the images of our cities, bring back business income, tourist money, they also create a great public image among the people about our government. VINAREX can design and build beautiful products and will locate the manufacturing sites at high unemployment and poor provinces of central Vietnam where the people are with limited business assets and with so much repetitive floods each year...

We can design beautiful street signs, emergency posts and even traffic signs

We can generate money for garbage projects in a innovative way

Street elements are not just beautiful, they are needed for cities, towns to create better image, to prevent crimes and to catch street criminals to preserve businesses and tourism. By working with us and supporting our work, city governments will receive great support from the people and increase their income from tourism and businesses. This is great for everyone while helping us with income to combat garbage problems for the government and for the people too.

Better Street signs

Emergency call post to prevent street crimes Fancy Street Names Improved Traffic lights & Camera system

Beautiful street signs, emergency call posts, camera systems, etc. these are essential in beautifying our city images while controlling crimes, catch dangerous criminals and thereby improving our tourism money, our business income, etc. etc. They are excellent for the people and for the government. VINAREX can design and build beautiful products and will locate the manufacturing sites at high unemployment and poor provinces of central Vietnam where the people are with limited business assets and with so much repetitive floods each year...

Websites are not suitable to discuss details. The above are typical examples of our planning policy. We can actively fight our own garbage and environmental problems while creating opportunities for the provinces in central Vietnam where often hard hit with flood and high unemployment...

The above examples illustrate the principle, character and meaning of our garbage strategies and solution. Not only that we will work to bring about economic prosperity for the poor but also helping to improve Vietnam in other economic sectors with our strategies,  knowledge and experience. To work with us and to support us in our products and services will mean so much for the poor and for the people now live in crowded cities and towns in Vietnam alongside with rotten garbage everywhere...

GARBAGE MASTER PLAN: Must be in place so we have disciplined TIME TABLE to reach our goals in 5 years.

Even with these remedies to deal with our massive garbage problem all over Vietnam, we still need to study, design a MASTER PLAN to comprehensively organize a nationwide network to change this problem forever in Vietnam. A Master Plan will better coordinate our work, save money and better protect the environment.

To locate garbage plants at strategic position to protect natural, economic, agricultural resources

Nature's assets here include important ecological, environmental and geological significant locations. We also must consider other short and long term economic resource, agricultural potentials and future urban planning to balance all interests yet protect nature and the natural settings for the future generations. Nobody wants a garbage processing sites next to them but we need one in every town of over 100,000 population. This means at least 500 facilities in Vietnam.

A Mater Plan must also take into account areas or issues with  natural resource significance to locate landfill sites.

Well coordinate with other water, sewage, roadways...

Maps of existing water, sewage and related locations can be drawn with be a standard formula for minimum quantity of water/sewage services per population. Moreover, wherever and whenever possible, we must require businesses especially industries with lots of wastes such as plastics, food processing, food manufacturing, etc.

A Mapping of existing locations of potential water, sewage, industries, transportation, population density, etc.

Urbanization and industrialization data vs. Population density

We believe in a balance approach to problems of economic/industrial growth by scientific means alongside with immediate provisions of feasible water and sewage plans that everyone must have. We are confident that while optimal results cannot be achieved, at least prevention of epidemic public health and control of further damages to the environment can be established within a few years.

We must plan a region with the safeguard of air, water and health goals. Each region must be carefully assessed, then devise a suitable scientific plans way into the future.

Development and distribution larger reproduction processing facilities next to larger cities

After all considerations being addressed, we now should have a balanced, practical and acceptable Master Plan to build larger and multi-discipline facilities near major cities. As an organization that serves the interests of the people and businesses, we will take an active part in contributing and supporting the role of the government in designing this Master Plan.

We cannot continue to push garbage processing locations outside of the cities to the countryside but keep them next to large cities.

Websites are not suitable to discuss details. The above are typical examples of our planning policy. We can solve our infrastructural and environmental concerns while creating opportunities for us to cultivate the agricultural and industrial sector of Vietnam.

The above examples illustrate the principles, character and substance of our garbage strategies and solution. We do not need to follow the capitalist models by commercialize garbage into an uncontrolled monthly fees above the reasonable level the poor can afford. Their lives are hard enough without being charged a set fee, a users fee or other forms of fees. We cannot use our knowledge to impose more hardships on people but must learn to devise innovative methods so we do not raise the living cost  and to make ourselves richer. Not only that we will work to bring about economic prosperity for the poor but do so by helping to improve Vietnam in other economic fronts with our strategies, knowledge and experience in social and economic development... We can bring benefits to both the government and the people by the above development strategies to at least put the garbage dilemma in a more controllable manner for the sake of our future generations and the pride of Vietnam.


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