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One of the important factors in regenerating any economy is the quality and quantity of professional and industrial education. To improve our economy, we need to elevate the level of intellectuality and professionalism of line staff to mid-level managers - not necessarily top management especially for rebuilding nation such as Vietnam. The traditional American management doctrine of "selecting a quality general manager first then use money to attract better workers as robots" has lead to drastic downfall of their production or services behind China, who proves that the opposite presents better economic production methodology. Poor quality manpower at this level can directly disable any technology or products of that country. This is one of the dilemma in the US: They have the technology, the capital, the management software but poor production manpower is ruining their products and not because of China's advances. Individualism, arrogance, complacence and US labor policies and a problem-ridden educational system continue to mold workers to be less productive while allowing commercialism to corrupt their youth into a fat, playful, mindless population to be slaves to a life of social and economic uselessness. We need to avoid this serious mistake for our future generations. This means ANY nations, Vietnam, China or the US.

To improve production strength, it takes better workers - NOT better mangers alone - because managers do not do the production work,  workers do. Traditional schools do not and cannot prepare students for specific professional skills while professional schools by private companies are lacking of experience in practical agriculture, industry, production, machinery and international-related issues. Even if there are, these schools are intended for people with money. The poor, who is the bulk of the labor force, are not welcome. We need to have practical vocational and industrial training with direct relevance to our own industries but at a cost the poor can afford. VINAREX plans organize specific practical curricula to equip future generations of workers with new knowledge and skills necessary for modern world. Teachers will be Vietnamese scholars and volunteers from other nations. Classes will be at low cost or free in exchange for work with our project or by pay back with portion of their salary so we can continue to train others.


Trained workers for modernized agricultural, manufacturing and related industries are necessary in order to advance our production and product quality. There isn't such schools in Vietnam anyway especially at low cost for the poor.


Being in agriculture, manufacturing or businesses, we provide a better insight into educational need of the industry and to better our economy than our neighboring nations, we must also make our workers better than neighbors.


Conventional vocational and foreign schools charge a lot of money so those who are wealthier and who, upon graduation, will not like to become workers anyway. To prepare the foundations of a stronger economy, we need more trained workers - not more managers -  to work with modernized production and methods.


As businessmen and industrialists, we can develop more realistic curriculum than conventional academicians; We also need to create a training base to supply quality and capable manpower to our own industries being developed anyway.


Students can learn more effectively when there are on-the-job training, apprenticeship training within the industries we seek to develop. Therefore these schools will be a mutually supportive component for economic growth at a much lower cost than typical paid schools operated by private individuals or foreign companies.;


Whether we like it or not, foreign educational institutions will introduce the political and ideological connotations of their own nation in the course of their instructions. We prefer students to learn skills and information and maintain the teaching, the culture and other values as Vietnamese.


The poor does not have money to send their children overseas to study. We must develop a comprehensive overseas study, internships, work-study programs in various industries via the international companies or organizations we are working with so our students can acquire knowledge and experience from overseas.

These practical vocational classes as additional training are necessary for Vietnam so our labor population can contribute more effectively to a future economy in a productive and professional manner. Curriculum will be designed along the specific industries in today's world. Under this "low cost" network, students are selective and will participate in various programs and plans within our network of companies.


This listing represents what are considered to be relevant to the agricultural and industrial operations under planning. They are to be developed and improved over a period of time.

Vocation Areas Subjects

Agriculture -Support Curricula

Modern Agriculture - Agricultural planning and development - Agricultural business - Agricultural export - World Agriculture - Agriculture in Asia and South East Asia - Vietnam's competitors in Agriculture in Asia - Vietnam Agricultural and Natural Resources - Agricultural Machineries and Operations - Diesel Mechanics - Agricultural Equipment Repairs and Fabrication - Modern Technology tools: from sensors to satellites - Agricultural Tools and Equipments today - Flood Control Planning and Prevention - Geology of Vietnam - Geological Problems in Vietnam - Crop Planning and Management Software - Farm site Management and Software - Farm Financial Management - Farm Tool Fabrication - Engines in Agriculture: Diesel, 1/4-cycle, battery-operated

Export - Business International Maritimes

Modern Export Principles & Strategies - Studies of Specific Importing Nations - Strategies in International Business - International Business and Maritimes Laws - Studies of HTS (Harmony Tariff System  for Importers) - Problems of International Tariff - WTO issues and answers - Dealing with Export problems: WTO, Custom Rulings, Protests... - Control and Prevention of Export Problems - International Shipping Principles and Strategies - Trade Zones, Enterprise Zone Issues - Dealing with Quotas, Impounding, Disputes, Discrepancies... - Export Business Network: Who and How - Export Shipping: Who, How, Why - Export Business Software and Management - Export Marketing Strategies: Specific Vietnamese styles/strategies should not use - How to evaluate your exporter and importers without seeing them -

Industrial Manufacturing and related skills

Modern Industrial Manufacturing Principles - New Industries around the World - Major Industrial Nations: Who, How, Why they are better than us? - Industrial Profile of Vietnam: Problems, Strategies and Answers - Industries by Vinarex - Industrial Welding Machinery, Tools - Industrial Warehouse Operations, Management - Industrial Machinery Drivers Training: Forklifts, Material Handling Equipments, Container Hauling skills, Tractor Driving skill, etc. - Modern Industrial Metals and Steel Fabrication - Modern Industrial Materials - Industrial Plastics - Plastic Welding - How to read construction blueprints? - How to read equipment blueprints - Understanding Metallurgy - Understanding Modern Composites and Advanced Materials - Industrial design software: AUTOCAD, FORM-Z, SOLID WORK, MASTERCAM, PRO ENGINEER, 3-D MODELING...

Modern Industrial Product Designs

Major Industries important to Vietnam - Food Processing Equipments - Restaurant Dishwashers - Restaurant Grease Traps Designs and Fabrication - Restaurant and Store Equipments - Restaurant/Store Refrigeration: Materials, Fabrications, Repairs - Sewage systems: Residential, Industrial, Restaurants - Industrial and Commercial Waste Systems - Monitors and Sensors for Industrial and Environmental Waste - Environmental Crime Detection - Garbage Disposal Systems - Garbage Processing Systems: Issues and Answers - Water Purification Principles - Water Sterilization Equipments - Reverse Osmosis systems - Ice Machines - Dishwasher Designs for large scale restaurants and hospitals - Waster Disposer and Processor for Industrial use - Garbage By-Products: What, How, Why...


Business English

Logistics Business - Warehousing - Transportation - Logistics Management and Software - Inventory Planning, Management, Technology - Tracking systems - Remote Readers - Security and Security Management - Warehousing Equipment and Rack Fabrication - Modern Shipping Businesses - Small Shipping Business - Business English - Business Communications Styles and Strategies - Technical Writing - Business Advertising Materials: Where, How, What, How much? - Modern Advertising and Marketing: Goods and Bads - Business Communications for Export: Goods & Bads - Writing of English Letters and Emails for Export use - Importer-Exporter Business Evaluation - Exporter Development and Marketing -

Food Lab/Mfg - Food Service - Food Prep & Preservation

Fundamental Food Biology, Bacteriology and Virus - Food Processing Principles - Modern Food Processing Equipment: Operation Principles - Vegetable Cleaning Equipment designs - Typical Food processing equipments - Food Service Operations and Software - Food Processing Operations, Software, Management - Food Hygiene - Hygiene Testing, Materials, Tools - Hygiene Strategies for Food Manufacturers - Food Preservation Principles and Equipments - Fermentation and Bacteriology for Beverages - Routine Test Development Procedures for Specific Business - Control Atmosphere Food Processing - ASEPTIC packaging - Pasteurization Principles - Food Machineries: How they work - Intelligent Packaging and Labeling for International Markets -

Supporting Business Classes

English Classes - Accounting Software Usage - Computer usage - Basic Software Operations - Software and Record Keeping - Business etiquettes - Business Development  -

Special Group (*) Seminars with Vietnamese Businesses

Business Strategies without Vietnamese style Tricks - Doing Businesses with US importers or distributors  - Doing Businesses with China - Doing Businesses with UK and Select EU nations - Doing Businesses with South Americans and Africans -  Strength and Weakness of American Businesses  - Tricks and Cheats practiced by American Corporations and How to Overcome them - Strength and Weaknesses of Franchising System - Objective Evaluating a Franchise - Working with US Customs and Importers -

                   (*) This is a Group Discussion held on special occasions only for1 or 2 times a year.


These are the training necessary for Vietnamese in general to be in business with other nations especially if we want to increase our trade with US and international markets.

SPECIALISTS TRAINING PROGRAMS within VINAREX for our own agricultural and rural development programs

Education and training are the foundation of growth and quality within our system. To strengthen the future of our export agriculture and light industries, these are SPECIFIC VOCATIONAL TRAINING PROGRAMS within the first 2 years to be taught by senior professionals and technicians. Funding will be inquired with UN, other leading nations and from private interests. Proposed funding and support sources are:

United Nations

United States

Government of Vietnam Foreign Governments Private Companies VINAREX Local Universities Other Personal Support

Salaries for teachers and staff UN teachers

Start up expenses, equipments, Teachers Facility, rent On-going supplies Recruitment Advertisements Supplement Salary for management On-site, field training, Development TBD TBD



Typical Subjects

1) Agricultural, Industrial, Mechanical,      Manufacturing vocations

9-month Junior Technicians

Modern agriculture, Ecology, Environment, Organic agriculture, Agricultural Equipment, Basic Entomology, Pesticide Usage, Occupational Safety, Industrial designs, Basic Engines, Diesel Mechanics, Modern Welding, Fundamental Manufacturing, Modern Factories, Manufacturing procedures and safety

2-year Technicians

Requirement: High School level

2) Supervisor skills, Management, English, Management/Admin software

9-month Office Technicians

Management and leadership, Work Organization, English, International trade, Import-Export, Maritime laws, International laws, Ethics and Marketing, Management and business software usage, Transportation/shipping, etc.

2-year Junior Manager

Requirement: 6-mo Apprenticeship

3) University-related Training: Work-Experience, Teachers Training, Overseas work/study/scholarships, Teachers exchange

Student-work, Internship, teacher-intern

Programs designed to provide Vietnamese students with work, jobs,  experiences in various fields and to work with our programs or others.

6-year University-certified Teachers

Training, exchange, scholarships

4) Certified Program for: Teacher, Pesticide Users, Agricultural/Export Inspectors,

2-year Junior Instructor Program

We will design these programs with the Government of Vietnam to immediately train teachers, government inspectors, pesticide users-trainer-inspector program.

Pesticide Users, Inspector training

Senior Inspector Training

5) Other Specific industrial training or Technicians for greenhouses, machinery, equipment, shipping, export, distribution, transportation, etc.

Must setup immediate training for specific work before and during specific industries are operational.

Such as: Plastics, Metallurgy, Folk Lift safety, heavy equipment operator, Modern Ag Equipments, Truck-Tractor Testing-training, Detail Skill Tests, Distribution Management, Transportation management, Shipping management, Installer of agricultural structures,  etc.

6) Certified Specialist for: Infrastructure and environment programs: sanitation system, sanitation technology, machinery operations, Environmental Inspectors, etc

9 to 12-mo Technician program,

As we start build infrastructural programs/products, garbage processing sites/plans, environmental protection programs, etc. we must train sufficient staff specialized in these subject areas and projects.

2-yr Supervisor programs

6-months workers programs

7) Special creation and training of new staff: Government specialists to prevent/detect abuses of chemicals, bio agents harmful to habitat, environment, waters, etc to protect public health, export, environment, etc

Similar to modern air security officers, we must create officers to protect exports economics and public interests.

Heavy fines must be required for environ-mental and infrastructural work.

In time, Vietnam must develop industries but must protect its human habitat, environment especially against the use of bio agents on plants, animals and contaminations of river, lake with industrial chemical, biological wastes. The abuses can lead to dangerous public health and threaten the future of our economy, agriculture.

These vocational or specialist training programs must be planned immediately and to take place no later than the first year of operations (other literature/theory/admin programs can start earlier) so by the 3rd year of operations, we may have trained sufficient number of staff and workers for us and/or for Vietnam industries in the future.


There are unique problems in providing quality training/education in Vietnam especially in vocation-related training. These problems must be addressed and resolved so students/people can be effectively retrained to advance the country into a stronger nation in Asia.

Issues or Concerns

Interim Solution Future Solution

Lacking of books, books are in English

Using On-line books, selling printers at low cost for students to use at home Importing books or reprint them in Vietnam

Students lacking of English skills

On-line Google translations or other translations Reprint books in Vietnamese (with permission from author)

Lacking of Audio-Video Equipments, printing equipments

Must request government for special import permits Low or no duties on books, educational materials

Distant Students in many Provinces

Internet/on-line studies Same as previous answer

Lacking of teachers

Teacher volunteers from US; train graduates from Vietnam and overseas to be teachers Special training of Vietnamese graduates to become permanent teachers

Lacking of practicing equipments

Seeking used equipments Donations of used/new equipments from Japan & US

These temporary solutions are just for the beginning. We hope that within a few years of our operations, we can generate sufficient supports and donations international and educational organizations to purchase useful equipments and supplies for these schools.


If we can be a little innovative, we can create a system upon which students can learn, can repay yet becoming meaningful citizens not only for our organization, for the local Provinces but also for others

Payment Methods

Explanation Great for himself and for society

Working at VINAREX as interns or pay back a % of income ea month

This is a common method: A percentage of income to be deducted so school can train others

Working at VINAREX will help both the organization and the student to gain experience for further professional development

To become Teacher-Assistant of the same class later

If student is with skills, he/she can be trained to become assistants in the classes; This is also good for the School

During the growing stage, we need to develop as many teachers as we can to expand these classes to more students

To be responsible to take care of a talented child and tutor him/her

This is a part of our plan: Trained student is to sponsor or to become "older brother" to a talented young student and be responsible to care for the young to excel in his talents or skills

This process or method facilitate constructive social relationship and to strengthen both persons' sense of pride, happiness in their growth and making better citizenry for both

To volunteer to assist farmers on a crop or product related to his studies

To assist a farmer with his crop is also a great way to be productive and to gain further experience or connections with the community

Farmers can pay with the extra income made from his products, etc. This helps farmers increase production and create great friendships

To work at the school in any capacity to help new students

When necessary or useful, students to work in the same school to help with the operation or with new students

Special training of Vietnamese graduates to become permanent teachers

These innovative payment methods are great for the students to have a chance to learn, to appreciate social relationships among people and to gain a sense of personal pride in social responsibilities and in contributing to others. This is important and useful for an individuals. Such teaching not only create positive change in society, it produces more talents at lower costs to society. Pitifully this method is not acceptable in the US, for example, as it may be viewed as a hindrance to profits for private school business and other issues.

The above examples illustrate the importance of education in the future of Vietnam's economy. Education has always been important for Vietnamese. This tradition has been exploited for business profits by domestic and foreign companies. Some even  charge high prices for useless "diplomas" and "certificates" without much credibility or no real use in life. High cost in education will continue to breed more managers to pressure higher median wage without increasing economic output. High costs of education will exclude the poor from better education and will make more Vietnamese to grow up just to become another $100 a month slave for foreign factories because they did not have money to pay for schools. By providing the poor with an educational opportunity and at low cost, we hope that other business-oriented schools will lower their prices for the people. If they don't, we will consider setting up permanent national school network at low cost within 5 years with profits we make from our agricultural and industrial operations.


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