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The human importance of a HEALTHY FOOD SUPPLY and a HEALTH CARE SYSTEM in Vietnam

Despite advanced medical science, health care system in US is not a human service but a ruthless and shameless corporate networks of elite educated parasites specialized in the exploitation of people's illness to artfully but legally swindle billions of dollars in medical payments, mostly for ballooned cost, bogus treatments or even fake patients. This is why it costs the US government and US treasury so much money while over 100 millions of working people in the US is still without basic affordable health care like... Vietnam. Health service  is defined as a business where patients are viewed as any other commodities to be exploited for income as soon as he is sick. A common surgery in a few days can cost a person's house that he worked hard to pay for 30 years. A hospital stay is filled with symbolic theatrical nursing gestures then bill the government for thousands. Once patient's finance is exhausted, they switched to bleed government programs. This system breeds skillful illegal acts by patients and professional groups including lawyers, pharmacies... They manipulate the government with fake patients to funnel public funds while real patients must wait for weeks for treatments... These must be prevented from taking place in Vietnam. Sick elderly and children are not toys for rich doctors, corporations and investment groups to nurture their pockets. VINAREX can build an effective and efficient health care system for Vietnam at a fraction of the costs in the US starting with the basics: A cost-based, professional, equitable health care organization that serves both the the doctors and patients - Low cost preventive services -  Inexpensive medicine, medical supply chain - Open simplified administrative system to prevent frauds, abuses  - Established market pricing & Software-programmed self-audited medical billing with an uncomplicated billing system - Innovative cares using internet technology - Direct personal preventive services by medical staff, etc. We will advocate the criminalization of the frivolous, terrorizing lawsuits, fake medicines, fake illness, etc. Medical thefts should not be treated any differently than any common thefts and embezzlement of public funds.


We will prepare a separate document about this simple Cost-based, inexpensive health care plan called "NATIONAL MEDICAL SERVICE  ORGANIZATION OF VIETNAM" - VNMESCO - In this page, we can discuss briefly the methodology, formula and mechanics of how such health care system is feasible for Vietnam.


To build a clean food supply chain with bacteria-free Vegetable/Food Supply Sources (VINAREX ) and an extensive public education plan to inform people of a health/disease preventive life style.


Organize a Comprehensive Health Care Plan with the right formula and participation of an organized medical group. Medical Insurance is the financial security and a coverage non-common health care and not a determinant of a health system; Insurance companies have no control over the cares by doctors and that in our system, ALL parties are working together - not to exploit each others over profit like robbers as in the US over the sick.


Study, design and organize equitable systems for the poor, the doctors, hospitals and insurance companies. No doctors, no hospitals and no insurance companies will lose money in our system, yet the patients are fully taken cared of in all important health care areas: Preventive - Diagnostic - Prognostic - Treatment and Recovery.


Establish Preventive Care and Local Clinic system to delivery direct preventive care; Exclusionary provisions for people with alcohol, smoking. sex, drug, other voluntary self-inflicting disease and any beautification cosmetics.


Create innovative but simple direct health care services from vitamin, medicine stores at low cost; Visiting nurse assistants for special needs such as pregnant women, elderly, vaccine distribution annually, prosecute abusive lawyers and fraud criminals, etc. These are practical support work that can be done cheaply in Vietnam.

The method of building a workable health care system in Vietnam can be delicate but not impossible. We can certainly must build a medical care system within our means and make it affordable for the poor and we need no lengthy laws, political fighting and endless arguments among educated grown-ups as in the US over health care for their people. There are various systems, methods used in many countries and each has its strength and weakness. We have our own weaknesses in Vietnam due to lacking of money but we can be a good example to for other neighboring nations to follow our examples and respect us as nation, who can care for the poor, the workers and the elderly. A system that promote cooperation, friendships, relationship and QUALITY CARE for people and can be used as example for other Asian and South American nations to follow.


CLEANER food supply, improved environment, better education and more income to afford cleaner life will prepare people for a lesser cost health care system. A combination of cleaner food supply network + Simple, straight forward disease prevention and health planning and innovative strategies to keep medical cost low,  is an effective and realistic approach to health care. We may not be able to provide the very fancy care but at least everyone can afford medical services under our plan and our leadership. We are not fancy but we are capable to provide care to people at low cost.

Unlike the broken US' system, our health care insurance comes with different operation formula that allows and encourage preventive visits, checkups. Such system also support doctors or providers with guaranteed operating income (vs. income per customer like now). Immunization will be provided as part of the cost. This preventive system will be highly preferred by participating hospitals as they will receive lesser cases.


Health insurance system is an organized process that combines smart financial planning and realistic strategies. The difference between our system and the failure of the US system is the alleviation of dishonesty, a clear limit or exclusion of abuses with strong enforcement against frauds, and a cooperating attitude among all parties (vs. the relentless and systematic exploitation; Under our system, doctors and hospitals are fairly supported; the only parties who are not are crooked doctors and insurance criminals.

By carefully setting up an insurance plan based on a methodical differential analysis between providers' operating break-even point vs. Insured quantity and contribution, with added supplemental risks insurance coverage for excessive cases and a stronger cost control parameters for waste and fraud costs, we can eventually achieve a happy plan for the people while fully supporting the doctors and hospitals. We would also study economic methods to help hospitals and doctors to reduce costs by setting up cost-cutting organized supply and added "profit generating enterprises" as how we do for our own organizations, etc.


One reason for the failure of the health service in the US is the inability of government to crack down on fraudulent billings and ridiculously high charges using their purposely excessive billing coding styles. We can devise feasible financial formula and method to eliminate chances for doctors or patients to cheat and fake patients. At the same time, we cannot allow a system with limited money to be drained by bogus and unnecessary services. We must clearly define the goals, objectives, process of treatment plans and making sure that hospitals, doctors are supported while insurance criminals, dishonest doctors and irresponsible lawyers are fully prosecuted for taking away the means for the nation to care for the sick.

The purpose of our health care system is to prevent illness and to maintain a healthy and productive life for workers and their families. It is not a public fund for doctors to exploit, to feed criminals, or to take care of socially irresponsible persons who personally inflict themselves with illness such as drug addiction, alcoholism, sexual diseases and breast implants. These are the common-sense medical limits that we must define in order to universally help the sick and to protect the interests of the society. A functional health care system is just a realistic insurance cooperative designed for unwanted sickness, to help people to prevent and fight illness. It is neither a business nor a fund to be abused by lawyers or doctors.

Fourth: Establishment of local clinics  - Home visit nurses for maternity, child, elderly care - Remote Diagnostic via Internet for outpatient cases - Mobile Clinic - Improved management and paperwork...

Vietnam is with unique small towns away from the limited number of hospitals therefore, wherever possible, we must be creative with our medical preventive cares by providing the above services: SMALL CLINICS in small towns for miscellaneous cares, Home visit nurses for women, children and the elderly, Diagnostic services via the internet for outpatient cases, mobile clinics with donations from other countries and finally improving our management using undated software and electronic medical records in ID card that any doctors can access quickly.

Part of the high costs in the US is the excessive but useless, wasteful procedures for legalistic administrative expenses and lawsuit-proof paperwork rather than for direct cares. Too many parasitic services that  used up money for doctors and patients. These useless costs can be abolished so we can hire trained nurses to provide home visits to children and elders in our health programs. These will be a giant step ahead of other countries.

Without any doubts, medical care in Western nations are far more advanced but it is their greed that ruins their capability to delivery these advancements to the people.  Medical advances are meaningless when no services are delivered or delivered only to a small few with money. Ironically, if the US continue with the current system, its costs will weaken their entire economy. The failure of the US' health care system and the weaknesses of other systems in Western nations can give us better insights into organizing an affordable health care system for Vietnam.  An organized medical system will be even better for Vietnamese doctors and hospitals compared to the current situation in which doctors and hospitals are paid very little for their services. There are innovations that we can carry out in Vietnam that are not possible for US, EU, CA, etc due to the corporate greed and "white collar" crimes of modern societies: Fake patients, inflated charges by doctors; medical record thefts, personal ID thefts for bank account theft; fake death insurance, fake death for life insurance; lawyers' money lawsuits targeting people's fear;  bogus billings by hospitals using the complicated medical billing coding, etc.  By eradicating all unnecessary and cumbersome problems while providing more direct, organized, practical services  to the people using innovative but honest methods, we believe that within our first 3 years, we can create a pilot system from which a larger national plan can be formed. We are confident in our ability to improve our health care system for the people with just some simple cooperation from the government. We can set good examples for other nations to follow and look up to Vietnam as a nation of intelligent, caring people, a nation without ruthless corporate crimes, without shameless doctors who use patients as toys to bleed the society of public funds under the pretense of professional service as in the US.


First, PREREQUISITES of a feasible plan is the existence of tasks of matters that are essential for a healthier living. We believe that if Vietnamese are provided with cleaner food supply (as we will be providing), better education, environment and immunization, which are not costly, they are healthy; These prerequisites are not that difficult to achieve. Secondly, a system can be organized when components are carefully planned, formulated and when all parties can negotiate in good faith and in a spirit of contributing to society. Memberships are organized as a "guaranteed customer base" and not the US' system of as "Discouraging users as much as possible" type of attitude, so doctors can make money. Financial formulations are based on actual probability costs to be paid anyway - as opposed to the "Pay only when you are sick" - When any components are with problems, we must work harder to solve that problem instead of the "selfish business styles" in the US which makes their system and services too costly and too heavy.... This subject matter is discussed in a separate document entitled "MEDICAL SERVICE SYSTEM FOR RURAL VIETNAM." We can only provide an abstract here.

HOW THE ABOVE SYSTEM WORK assuming that we can meet the PREREQUISITES above?

First, we have to define "Insurance" back to its basic and actual meaning or purpose, that is, coverage for unexpected casualty or loss - NOT allowing capitalists or corporate crooks want to make it into, that is, "Using people's fear and their money and find ways to pay out for casualty as little as possible for profit" When the upper educated bodies of the system (insurance, doctors, hospitals' administrators...) all want to operate the same while the payers below (patients, workers, farmers, children, elders...) must pay what they want, nothing will work because the poor below simply cannot afford the greed of the richer and that's when their government has to pay such big bills yet can't even set up a system as the corporate officers already lives in mansions to want to live in a fancy house. If we go back to basic, create a fair system to eliminate greed, crimes, frauds and design services efficiently, responsibly, we can organize a health care system for several levels of income - for now - and a universal one soon thereafter.







As an independent body and operate as a NON-PROFIT , we are to  organize, set level of care, affordability, plan the preventive cares to assist Group B and C to; If membership is smaller, we innovate group visits; larger, we determine the level of monthly cares limit + annual limit per doctor. We purchase a separate Insurance plans for emergency care, other cares (must pre-defined with exclusions)

Group B is to provide medical cares with monthly visits for preventive cares. We can organize, innovate least cost preventive cares for doctors. With monthly payments to Group B, Group B can determine which level of preventive care they can handle at break-even point. Group B provide services at the equal or less than the monthly pays + self insurance with Group C for exceptional cases.

Group C operates as Insurers for EXCEPTIONAL CASES (pre-defined) using monthly payments from us and Group B for cases OVER the monthly limit only. Insurance companies in our formula works different than in the US. They works as ANY auto insurance: pay for accidents only, for extra cases, etc. We also require Group B to buy separate policies and Group C also must buy long term policies too to cover their cost

First: PARTIES are not to exploit each others but work together as responsible professionals to support society but not to lose money. Each can make min. profit but not to inflate cost, cheat or exploit. Cost can be determined objectively. No parties are to lose money but cannot profit excessively either.

Nominal Financial Base

Generally the BASE FUNDS to pay directly to Group B (docs, hospitals) to over monthly preventive cares, base visits, etc; Reserve Fund #2 are to invest for profit but reserved, insured for exceptional cases; Fund #3 to purchase insurance for accidents, exceptional cases, etc. Same as any auto insurance. Group C, Insurer do not pay doctors, hospitals.

First Doctors and hospitals must determine an OBJECTIVE BREAKEVEN LEVEL for preventive cares for the # of members we have. (must meet min. membership); When Gr. B are paid for these services, they never loose money; For accidental, exceptional cases, Group B are assured to be paid by Fund No 3 from us. They are covered and should not worry.

When operates as any auto insurance, Group C, Insurers can never lose money. We also use Fund No 3 to pay to Insurance Co. The fund 3 is further subdivided in to several groups: Accident cost, Occasional cost (birth, death, work-related, etc.) and disaster cost (disasters, epidemic, special severe cases, etc.)

Second: We set up 3 types of Funds #1): BASE for monthly operations costs pay to B, C; Fund #2:  Surplus reserves for emergency and Fund #3:  Pay to insurance for exceptional cost, accidental cost, other cost; We also determine the 'BREAK EVEN point for doctors and hospitals in caring for our members. This is fair for all.

Set the operating standards

Setting operating standards means: Working with Group C to determine the OBJECTIVE BREAK-EVEN point to service X qty of members for X number of medical cares (Preventive - secondary - occasional - exception). This B-E point can be set and agreed; No parties are allowed to cheat.

When BREAK-EVEN POINTS are known for each level of medical cares, Doctors and hospitals know clearly their cost and what they can pre-collect from us. They are also assured of other costs of the NON-PREVENTIVE categories. These costs are for VINAREX to pay insurance co separately; We also use Fund #2 to co-pay doctors and hospitals in non-routine cases so they need not worry

With our formula, the Insurance co do not lose money because they already know beforehand how much they collect, how much they may pay out in non-preventive or routine cases. They will work exactly and as simple as any auto insurers but in medical cares, we separate types of insurance to cover for insurance co. Insurance co also must buy supplemental umbrella insurance to cover themselves.

When we can increase the minimum no of members, we can increase the level of service, increase fund #2 and #3 above. We also need to set the BREAK-EVEN point for Group B and C so we can determine if we need to increase members or to find innovative ways to help doctors, hospitals and insurance co so they don't lose money.

Organize SUPPORT businesses

VINAREX does not work as "money making co" like US medical ins. brokers. We actively help Group B (docs, hospitals) and Group C (Insurance co) to find ways to minimize costs; for example: collective buys, added concessions at hospitals, etc This also improve relation and cooperation.

Doctors, hospitals are assisted by us to minimize their cost. The more we help them, the stronger they can operate and improve relationship with us. This is a distinction with US ways that every party is fighting for money with one another!

With us even insurance co are our friends. We must also help them to minimize their cost by us bringing auto insurance from our members, for example. We also will innovate other products so insurance can make extra money thereby cooperate with us fully.

We also must create extra  businesses doctors and hospitals so they can make extra money and thus minimize their cost. The more we do, the lesser we pay them based on "our break-even" work formula. The lower the cost, the more services we can provide for people.

Organize INNOVATIVE CARE methods


Innovative cares under the supervision of doctors can save more and help doctors work better, prevent unnecessary visits to over-load hospitals, etc. Home care program will be useful as it will save time, prevent cost and improve relations among people, parties

Innovative cares will also help insurance companies to feel comfortable and secured in working with us. The idea is WE MUST BE COOPERATIVE, SUPPORTIVE AND HONEST with one another. We cannot do in the US because ALL parties always try to lie, cheat and exploit.

INNOVATIVE care methods can be created by VINAREX in many different ways so we can help doctors to care for more patients at least cost.

Criminal Enforcements of Frauds

Criminal prosecution is an essential part of our programs. It costs very little to prosecute a criminal than to increase costs to the poor. It also makes sense and provide hospitals, insurance companies ways to prevent excessive or unnecessary costs especially against frivolous lawyers, and other crimes

Along with criminal prosecution, doctors and hospitals are actively helped in sorting out no good patients, exploiting patients etc. This problem is so widespread in the US because their system is so disorganized that it encourages frauds by both doctors and patients. We don't have this problem in Vietnam as we don't allow that to happen.

By strongly prosecute frauds, insurance companies will pay much less for their casualty loss payment to their own insurance wholesale companies. This will also help them to reduce their cost and operate better; this leads to better service and better results for patients too

Even though it is always probable, under our system which we fully work with other groups in our ways, we do not foresee any doctors or hospitals will cheat. However when there are, the government must enforce and prosecute violations. This will help good doctors and help us to maintain our medical care system for the poor at cheap cost.

Special services: CLINICS, MEDICINE

VINAREX will also actively create more medical services with volunteers such as: SMALL CLINICS to basic cares, first-aids, basic VITAMINS, DRUGS to help with basic needs without going to doctors; We also will create MOBILE UNITS to remote villages so doctors can spend more time with more patients, etc.

Hospitals will welcome all the work we can do. VINAREX will work as an EXTENSION of the hospitals and doctors and NOT as their adversary as in the US system. To make this system works, we must ask the government to get rid of frivolous lawsuits so more volunteer doctors, retired doctors can help us.

This additional service will also be helpful to insurance companies as they know that we are actively organize more services to less chances of casualty loss to them, thus the insurance cost to us will be lower over a period of time.

We also will innovate different cares and services on our own for people to lessen the burdens to doctors and hospitals. We need to stress that: By working in good faith, we can bring more benefits to people vs. when everyone tries to make money like in the US system, nothing works. Their medical system actually encourages crooks

These are the outlines of the methods, the formula that we will use in our MEDICAL CARE SYSTEM for the poor in Vietnam. It is a system of practical cooperation among parties for a single purpose: To provide better health care for poor people at lowest cost. Our system is effective, practical, honest and inexpensive. When each party is pursuing solely of the idea to exploit and cheat one another including cheating the government, NOTHING WORKS. To us, such system and morality  is INHUMAN, IMMORAL and cannot be called "medical professionals" in any definitions.

Systemic and Organization Process: How do we set up such health insurance program?




1) Determine the necessary optimal median amount to operate a health care system- Negotiation on break-even point and not on profit point

Set up a minimum level of participating doctors and public hospitals; Calculate a statistical median cost to establish the financial bases for negotiation. Base of negotiation at break-even point is fair, constructive, responsible.

First, we must define the "Optimal median amount" is the acceptable operating cost of doctors and hospitals on the basis of break-even point of each of the participants or service providers. This formula  is different from negotiating on the basis of what the other party wants - PROFITABILITY - which is the American style - this is why their costs are high and plans not achievable because greed is immeasurable.

2) Determine the minimum members to support such system in #1 above at several levels, invite outside workers as necessary or as much as possible

Minimum number of members from the #1 above; Intersect the figure with insurable min-max-median amount from insurance co to determine the realistically affordable level and where the exclusions may be.

When we have the financial obligation or base to work with, we can calculate minimum membership quantity. By multiplying quantity factoring in the prevailing insurance cost (typically from 2%  to 20%) then, we can summarize the financial facts to negotiate and plan and if more members are needed. If so, we just go and ask more people from other groups, companies to join. It is not hard to do.

3) Verify the costs and system's operating range to determine the range/scope/extent of medical services

Test run cost analysis, counter-weight them against actual costs by doctors and hospitals to finalize the costs and benefits;

We can carry out such tasks in Vietnam but may not able to in the US as businesses want solely to make profit and will be secretive about their cost. For Vietnam, we can overcome this problem to come up with an optimum happy medium for all parties.

4) Use #3 as guide to determine the optimal membership quantity and monthly insurance cost

Universal coverage for everyone is not expected but main working staff first then expanded later when system is working. The lower the cost, the higher the member quantity; We also must invite more healthy members

Now that we have (a)  the operating cost median amount and (b) the insurable amount to for item "a" above; and as we finalize the (c) quantity of memberships and affordable insurance monthly payment; we can now look into other lose ends, issues and options.

5) Narrow down the insurance payment by shopping around with casualty insurance wholesalers-brokers

Casualty loss insurance is a multi-level business. This is best left to an insurance trained person

Knowing these financial obligations above and knowing the membership quantity + payment we can afford, before we take the next step, we should consult insurance specialists as to who to insure and how this insurance segment can be organized. This is easier than the other tasks.

6) Combine and re-adjust financial details: Co-payments, level of services, exclusions, alternative remedies for exclusion cases, etc.

These peripheral issues are not as hard but also must be carefully designed. Exclusions of coverage may be set lower and adjusted over time; Alternative options for exclusion cases should be studied to help patients just in case.

The lower the exclusion level, the lesser it costs. We can study and provide alternative medicines for them. Automatic exclusion must include vulnerable cases such as known alcoholic, drug addicts, heavy smokers, known heart/hypertension and diabetes and hepatitis, etc. This must be done so we can build up the system first.

7) Creating businesses to generate funds for hospitals to lower their break-even level thereby lower our payment

The lower the operating cost for doctors, hospitals, the lower our insurance payment or wider membership coverage. Therefore we must work harder to help doctors, hospitals to make extra money or to cut costs, etc.

VINAREX is capable of providing hospitals, doctors with innovative businesses to help them lower their cost rather than to require higher monthly insurance payment or higher co-payments.

Those are the methods or strategies from which we establish the foundations of our medical programs. The bases of our concept are quite different than the US' greed-driven, which in continue to cultivate more corporate profits to bankrupt their health plan. It will be impossible for the US government to maintain the medical care the way it is without bankruptcy , or the heavier tax-based EU system, which weaken their economy from too much debts. Our system bases on honesty, cooperation and factuality. We can organize in a way that participating service providers will be honest and fair in their cost. And when the system is free of greed, frauds and criminals, when preventive cares are directly and routinely carried out, when costs are controlled, a health care system for workers, farmers, and everyday workers can be done. We believe that the Vietnamese professionals (doctors, hospitals...) can be much more honest and caring compared to others and if we help them to cover their costs and to service people, they will be happy to participate to service people, whereas in the US, where excessive greed, legalistic fallacy, cumbersome management, waste-ridden procedures, political infightings for more business interests vs. societal priorities, etc., their system will continue to be costly, wasteful, and ineffective.





1) Based on the above financial and operating parameters, organize doctors, clinics, hospitals into a group.

We can  provide sufficient number of doctors and hospitals but must devise creative ideas and train more nurses and assistants as well as innovative services so that doctors can carry out the work for the people

First, we must not follow the style of many US medical groups by listing many bogus doctors, departments, etc to sell but no services. This is a fraud. We must learn to plan and develop effective strategies for efficiency, no wastefulness and no frauds. We are confident in our ability in organizing sufficient doctors.

2) Actively design a health Preventive Programs for each age level and classifications of patients/services

Preventive programs can be simple but effective starting from young age. Strong preventive programs save money and help our system expands to cover more people.

In our system, trained nurses and assistants actively provide scheduled visits to all families in the program. Doctors visit are also prescheduled in addition to other innovative strategies. This is 20 times better than US system where doctors see patients only when absolutely necessary!

3) Define and determine high cost cases to find solutions for them but do not include them in our operations

Exclusions are necessary in order to provide quality cares to other members. Exclusions are common for alcohols, drugs, HIV, diabetes, and other critical diseases.

High risks create burdens for others and often open situations for abuses. However we propose to provide certain level of support within our limit but must define exclusions for insurance company to know their limit to keep health care affordable.

4) Create innovative, comprehensive preventive medical service programs

We can provide comprehensive cares with the trained group or nurses and assistants; Active use of scheduled internet visits and diagnoses and other group visits are possible.

Innovative preventive cares must be forceful and clear in combination with regular checkups to enforce such programs to exclude obesity, alcohol, etc. US system does not work as they don't set up any contacts with patients to enforce any results.

5) Create smaller local clinics, medical assistants, home nurses, medical students as support staff...

Smaller clinics where patients can visit for miscellaneous supplies, follow-ups are great. We can also use part of insurance money to pay for other preventive, innovative tasks

These are part of the preventive, comprehensive services at early stages. Most preventive cares do not require doctors' presence. We can develop these programs for the local area where we operate so help others as well.

6) Strengthen the organization by: Communication - Automated accounting - Eradiate loopholes - Problem Support Team

We also must design better internal management techniques to eradicate problems, frauds, expedite services, supports, etc.

Clear, open, accessible communications save time, money and prevent frauds as frauds breed better when paperwork are secretive. Openness makes it less costly to prosecute criminals to enforce and eradicate medical criminals. Medical criminals must be treated as any other serious property theft.

7) Designing "business enterprises" and other money producing means for hospitals, doctors to supplement income and/or reducing supply costs

We also must design better internal management techniques to eradicate problems, frauds, expedite services, supports, etc.

Clear, open, accessible communications save time, money and prevent frauds as frauds breed better when paperwork are secretive. Openness makes it less costly to prosecute criminals to enforce and eradicate medical criminals. Medical criminals must be treated as any other serious property theft.

Low cost health care can be feasible when we are innovative in services and efficient in procedures and clear in billing or documentation. Unnecessary laws that adds burdens on the systems must be abolished to save money. US medical billing code system, slow and non-medical insurance procedures, excessive administrative barriers, etc. they are cumbersome, self-defeating as they are largely created to protect corporate interests for financial gains. For Vietnam, it is feasible, practical and directly effective as governments are supportive of more real and legitimate medical services for the people whereas local governments in the US are useless or care free against medical frauds.





1) Improve Medical Billing for clarity & efficiency. Simplify the waiting periods and allow doctors to be free to choose treatment selection.

The present US medical billing coding is complex, costly, wasteful. We must simplify them into understandable forms for faster management and processing.

US medical billing codification is built for an automated efficiency but self-fed itself to burden the system and provide breeding grounds for doctors to cheat. Paperwork procedures also must be simplified and relied on intelligence and discretion of the doctors - not paperwork and administrative rules.

2) Systemize, open communications to prevent hidden costs; allowing other doctors, staff to identify and report frauds

Communications can be open, clear to save time and money. Obscure data create more chances for criminals, doctors to cheat. Most medical info can be open for quick access by doctors, hospitals, and  family members.

When every step of medical work must be documented, detailed to meet insurance payments, doctor's work is too much on paperwork and not on patient. This system can be simplified to focus more on medical work and lessen administrative cost. US legalism has placed medical work under seize  and we must not allow our systems to repeat their stupidity because we cannot afford these costs.

3) Work closely with Ministry of Public Security to deter and prosecute criminals forcefully and clearly.

Effective, clear, open communications prevent frauds, facilitate speed, efficiency. It is also faster for Public Security Officers to catch, prosecute criminals.

One factor for success is the deterrence of frauds by doctors, patients. In our system, when paperwork is clear, open, accessible by other responsible parties, criminality is deterred. Medical frauds must be treated as serious crimes but must be made easier to be prosecuted - If too cumbersome, we cannot enforce laws.

4) Actively training of nurses, Create several levels of doctors so more doctors are available; Active use of students-trainees

We favor the Chinese doctor's certification system over the US. For Vietnam, we can even improve on such system by allowing more nurses, medical students to work.

These solutions are not possible in the US as the medical institutions are designed to make doctors more scarce for more money and too costly. This system is backfired. We can change that. Making more levels of doctors allows more treatments available; Adding more nurses, medical students lower costs and better service the people

5) Support and design active use of costless internet medium to conduct businesses, services for less cost.

We support more internet visits, diagnosis, automated medical info, more automated broadcasts of medical treatment and even automated info for simple cares such as wound treatment, health maintenance, etc.

These automated activities are just as effective as doctors when carefully prepared. Making patients smarter saves time, money and save lives! The US system does not allow this so they can create more money for doctors and lawyers. This must not be followed in Vietnam.

6) Set up Special Team for problems solving to continue to improve ourselves and our services.

Special teams consists of local community leaders serves as a mechanism to help our system improved. They performed duties like advise, help, support medical professionals to carry out their work and solve problems.

In any public work, we must have a social body to help us solve other problems, to create a supportive and friendly atmosphere for both the government and the people. This community advisory group is helpful for us to deal with issues so the medical professionals can do their jobs and get rid of small problems that wasted their time.

The above discussions and descriptions clearly exemplify how a health care system can be created for the people. Similar to any agricultural or economic plans, we have to design, organize and work methodically and intelligently. We must learn from the failures of the US, EU and other countries and make ours better for the people, for the medical professionals and for the insurance companies who are a part of this process. It is not impossible to build a health care system when corporate greed are under control and that the government must be strong enough to clamp down on frauds and greed and this is not difficult for the Vietnamese government to do. No system can operate if we allows crooked doctors and insurance criminals to bleed, abuse our system. But to deter and prosecute medical frauds, we must design our system, procedures and process as simple, clear, accessible as possible so crimes are much harder to start and much faster to be prosecuted.



These projects and products require time to fully develop but the process must be started. Depending on each service or plan, we may seek the cooperation with other private companies. However, INSURANCE CRIMINALS MUST BE STRONGLY PROSECUTED to protect these programs for the poor and that AN INTELLIGENT CRIME DETECTION plan must be in place to also protect financing institutions, etc so our cost will be reasonable. These programs will be developed jointly with other organizations.


Est % income to contribute

Est  years to reach benefit (1)

Est Min  members (2)

Explanation or Planning Objectives

1) FLOOD INSURANCE PLAN  for selective provinces where our agricultural sites are located

2 to 4% 3 25,000 to    40,000

Flood Insurance to assist farmers and non-farmers protection in the event of flood that will wipe out their future.

2) Within our region or program sites, PROFITABLE PROVINCES to support poorer provinces.


Within our own agricultural programs, some excess profit will be set aside to support poorer provinces (in insurance cost) for a set number of years until they become self-sufficient

3) SUPPLEMENT HOSPITALIZATION INSURANCE for people in the countryside.

3 to 6% 1 50,000 70,000 members

Health insurance must combine with prevention programs + other strong measures to prosecute frauds, criminals and abuses. The first 3 years, eligibility may be limited to hospitalization cost, etc.

4) UNIVERSITY EDUCATION PLAN for farmers/staff families after 10 yrs working

2 to 5% 10 10,000

We have to combine this plan with subsidies and scholarships and by better financial management/distribution so more students can benefit instead of a few.

5) VOCATIONAL SCHOOL support plan for families after 5 years of working with us

1 to 3% 5 NA

Education is important for the strength of a nation. We will support this plan by setting money aside for tuition cost. Members also have priority for other jobs within our organization.

6) CROP INSURANCE PLAN for all farmer-invested farms

1.5 - 2.5% 1 NA

We will set aside insurance payment after 1 year; This will protect farmer's investment (if applicable); Crop insurance is obligatory for the first 5 years (as security for farmers) and optional thereafter.

7) 50% cost for RETIREMENT PLAN for any farmers/workers

1 to 3% 15 25,000

Our organization will contribute 50% to the retirement cost of all farmers and staff working with us for a minimum of 15 years

8) HOUSING PLAN for any distant agricultural sites or for those without a home

2 to 3% 3 NA

With urbanized lands become costly and when our agricultural sites are distant, we will set money aside for construction of housing cost to farmers without a home or who can buy at special price with condition that they don't resell (to prevent rising cost)

9) LOAN-GUARANTEE SUPPORT for farmers to build own homes after 5 years of working with us

5 - 10 % 5 NA

If a farmer willing to set aside a small % of income as saving for future use (homes, land, business, etc), after 5 years, we will guarantee to support them to secure loans for these purposes


Annual fee 3 25,000

As our organization grows, we will negotiate with other companies (such as auto insurance, supermarkets, electronic or appliance shops...) to provide our members with special discounts...

With a combined effort between scientists, engineers from other countries, the available labor and cooperation of the government of Vietnam, we can carry out our plans to at least provide fundamental health plans such as preventive, emergency, maternity, dental, and other basic issues for children and adults up to certain age until other better methods develop.


Concluding Note

A Cost-based, Insurance-backup health care plan for Vietnam can be done and is necessary for us to promote public health and improve health care for the people. It is realistic, affordable and achievable if we know how and determine to do so. It can be done when we are ready to execute just a few essential foundations: (1) An honest, cooperative, organized structure, (2) A well-designed service and operation within our means but with built-in engines to exclude abuses, special burdens, frauds, (3) An innovative but direct preventive care operation and creative but effective, low cost maintenance and treatment operation, and (4) Other organization innovations and support strategies that root out problems, criminals and promote supports, unity among parties from patients, doctors, to hospitals and insurance company.

Medical care is a professional work and a human service. But US corporations define just as another it as a pursuit of profit and a swindling operation of government funds. To us, that is socially irresponsible, shameful, criminal-like and even inhuman. We must be careful and not to allow this heartbreaking tragedy of modern civilization to take place in Vietnam. To organize an affordable medical care system for the poor is a not only an important duty that we must do, it will also make other poor nations in Asia and South America to look up to us with our strong and smart social plans. It is hard work but we can organize and innovate a system for Vietnam. We are confident in this strong probability having observed the medical costs and services in Vietnam over the past year. Being able to carry out this plan, not only that we will provide economic and social well being for the people, we will set examples for many more nations to follow, and also prove to other nations including the US that when patients are treated merely as a business ploy, when medical profession is filled with criminal acts, when a system is operated on heartless greed, corporate arrogance, and legalistic manipulations, such health care system will never succeed and the people will continue to suffer.


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