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The technology and education advancement of the United States, the outstanding progress of Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan; The high precision technology and environmental awareness of Europeans; The hardworking and excellent advancements of the Chinese, etc. All are great things that we must follow. But the true strength of a nation does not depend on a small group of government leaders, a few economic planners, or a few big corporations, but lies in the strength of a the quiet but a lot more important groups of people: Our teachers, our talents, our scientists, our young entrepreneurs and our students. These are the very important groups of people we must support because they will be the future strength of the country. Western nations are great not because of their government or philosophy but because of the inventors, scientists, entrepreneurs like Thomas Edison, Bill Gate, Louis Pasteur, etc. A lacking of support for ANY of these valuable groups of people will lead to a weakening structure in our society in one form or another that must be paid for later in other forms.  For example: Despite a massive number of schools in the US, the lacking of support and respect for teachers, science, talents since mid 1990's have led to drastic fall of students' achievement and a weaken industrial and professional sector now.

Many Vietnamese have unique mental and intellectual strength that can be developed into highly productive individuals. With some planning, we can prepare and equip our future generations by first take special care to nurture and strengthen special talents, inventors, scientists and teachers we have. No matter how wonderful our economic plans are, we will not sustain our strength as a nation without them. And never under-estimate our teachers like the US. Needless to say, this mistake will deteriorate their future generations and we should never copy such mistake.  We propose a new vision but practical and aggressive ways to support the new generations so they will be important bricks to the building of the economy of Vietnam:


To set up a system that search, select for and build up a talented child from elementary school to adult


To search, select and support young entrepreneurs, inventors and finance or develop his products for a % of sale


To help organize business enterprises, to provide expertise, business sponsorships from other nations


To organize a Nationwide  Business Organization of business people to support new business projects


To organize , publish  a SCIENCE AND BUSINESS MAGAZINE in Vietnamese to promote science, technology, business in Vietnam.

We can develop various plans in creating a stronger, smarter future generations but will also emphasize on an unshaken sense of care, love, responsibility towards the society, other neighbors and other nations instead of solely towards himself. This will be the difference in our philosophy in contrast to individualism fallacy that a man is to serve his own satisfaction. We believe that such teaching will continue to breed irresponsible individuals to burden to society and will eventually weaken such society.

R & D Plan No 1: To set up a system that search, select for and build up a talented child from elementary school to adult

With modern database software, It's not difficult to track and support talented students from elementary school to adulthood. Talented and smart children are the strength of that nation. Lazy, carefree, irresponsible generation will lead their country to become submissiveness to others. In Vietnam, it is not costly to provide additional training by paying a University student some money so he can be responsible to take care of his younger student; Upon high school age, VINAREX will seek personal donations or using our own enterprise income to provide the individual student with added training; At university age, VINAREX can support them as interns in our organization and/or other scholarships via international supports. However, by training these students at an early age of the ideals of SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY and not care-free individualism, and by proving to them our faith, care and continuous efforts, we are certain that they will have no problem to repay to society by working in a duty that will help their country by servicing the community or province where they grew up.

How we cultivate the growth of outstanding students


The program starts with an individual selection of outstanding students from childhood based on a  professions/need for the country of the local community.

Select students are sponsored by a family (in VN or overseas); A university student assigned/hired to care for them in the vocation the young student likes

From the international communities, we search for scholarships or other supports until the student graduates in the field he chose.

Internship programs at VINAREX at small pay  is both a training and a combination of training, support, payment. Student to acquire the skills to become professional.

Select graduates to work for  VINAREX or at the local community/province and pay back a % of the salary so we can train other young students.

Students are  trained to uphold a highest respect and responsibility for his people, his country and mankind as a pledge to be in our program.

We believe that teaching and supporting a youngster to have a chance to be the best he can be to serve his family, neighbors, community and his country, etc. is a healthy and practical direction for a child. To develop children with nationalistic and humanistic ideals towards his society and other nations is healthy and useful for mankind. The world is a better place for a child if he/she is more educated but such world can be dangerous when an educated person is irresponsible by becoming hackers and terrorists. The world is in fact better off without such persons. This is not an issue of ideology. It is an issue of social responsibility, peace and stability to societies and the cultivation of a better, safer, happier but socially caring persons.

 R & D Plan No 2: To search, support young entrepreneurs, inventors and finance or develop his products for a percentage of sale

How  we implement this program


INVENTION DATA  BANK: VINAREX will develop an international  database for us to learn from. This database is accessible for a small fee for maintenance cost

INVENTION FORUM: With a combination of scientists, engineers and businessmen in VN and overseas, we create group to study and support new ideas from Vietnamese

A VINAREX'  business support panel to study & support new business plans and fund them if found credible. We also can become partners if inventor agrees to donate to our programs for VN

Testing will be done with us to make sure such models works. New changes added. Business plans formulated and implemented.

If business or invention is successful, VINAREX to receive a percentage of profit so we can support other  business or invention and for programs in agriculture, industry and health care...

We support inventions and business only when owners agree to contribute to the country, to the poor via our programs. We do not support business for personal profits alone.

Many Vietnamese are with talents and skills but without vision, exposure, education and opportunities, they turn to copying others for a faster road to success. We like to improve that. First, an INVENTION DATA BANK will be set up on which an inventory of international inventions to be accessible to people for a small fee so we maintain the cost. Second, A BUSINESS STUDY TEAM to evaluate ideas and  business enterprises relating to these invention. Third, if the ideas are feasible and developable, we will seek funding for the project after completing some internal testing. Profits from any of these projects must be agreed upon to donate to the development funds for our agricultural and industrial programs for local provinces, and to support other inventions.

 R & D Plan No 3 : Nationwide Business Organization to support selective new or existing businesses relevant to agriculture, industry, health, infrastructure and the environment for the country

How we implement this program

First, compilation and publication of BUSINESS DIRECTORY for the entire nation using government info and verify each of them

Second, create, publish NATIONAL BUSINESS PORTAL WEBSITE and OTHER SPECIAL BUSINESS CATEGORY with ads, trading, etc.

Third, create, publish NATIONAL BUSINESS RETAILING  to buy and sell between Vietnam and the World

Fourth, income from #1 and 2 after 2nd year to use to form an group of experienced business owners to advise,  assist existing, new businesses

If business  is successful, VINAREX to receive a percentage of profit so we can support other new businesses and for agriculture, industry and health care

We support the business only when owners agree to contribute to the country, to the poor via our programs. We do not support business for personal profits

The weakness of businesses in Vietnam is partly due to lacking of technology, equipment, transportation, infrastructure, party due to the internal divisiveness or the lacking of an organization that may help them to prepare their planning, methodology and strategies effectively. If Vietnamese businesses can be organized, can learn better strategies to export, to deal with each others cooperatively, they may be more successful.

R & D Plan No 4:  To organize, publish ON-LINE SCIENCE AND BUSINESS PUBLICATIONS in Vietnamese to promote science, technology and to induce business growth in Vietnam.

What we plan to expand SCIENCE & BUSINESS mind of Vietnamese

To eek permission from well known science magazines to reprint important articles in Vietnamese an set up ON-LINE magazine

ON-LINE TECHNICAL BUSINESS INFO with emphasis on technical, scientific, export issues  for business growth.

ON-LINE BUSINESS WEBSITES with focus on technical knowledge, etc. to support important export industries in Vietnam such as TEXTILE, FISHERY, WOOD, GIFTS...

INTERNSHIP in any of VINAREX bodies, sponsorship for select students to advance beyond high schools  to study science, technology and related fields

Organize NATIONAL SCIENCE competitions and inventions for high school students nation-wide with prizes and scholarships for top students.

EDUCATION-CULTURAL EXCHANGE programs, sponsorship of Science Magazines for all high schools with prizes and scholarships

The lacking of economic and product or service diversities while opportunities for poorer and lesser educated Vietnamese are limited from not being able to pay for college education (over 80% of high school graduates cannot afford to go to Universities), this creates a situation where many young Vietnamese are doing the same thing for the same type of business. We have to rescue this population group with new and inexpensive ideas using the vast and free internet system while continue to push for other economic, industrial and agricultural activities so that a larger group of poorer and lesser educated Vietnamese will have a chance to expand their visions and capabilities beyond the limitations of life surrounding them.

Concluding Note...

The above programs illustrate and signify the principles and direction of our education and social philosophy. We will work to bring economic prosperity for Vietnam but must do so with the respect of the society, the country and the people of Vietnam as well as a dedication and protection of the environment. We do not believe in creating a future of smart individuals but without manners, without responsibility and without respect and love for his family, his society and his country. Arrogance brings complacency which leads to weakness; Pride leads to closure of our mind, but copying others alone as we are doing, leads to inferiority and dependency in our mind. On the other hand, contrary to wrongful notion that our philosophy does not promote individual growth: By outreaching and supporting each individual talented, intelligent child, by supporting individual creativity, intention, etc., we clearly answer such notion. This organization seeks to promote human decency, integrity, honor, respect of oneself and of others including his family, his neighbors, his country as well as the people in other nations.


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