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Note: Opinion expressed herein is of the Administration of VINAREX. It is our own scientific view and factual analysis of contemporary economics today. It is not necessarily the view of any other governments or organizations. It is intended to provide a factual look at what are most relevant and significant in forming economic and social policies for a given nation in light of today global economy.

In a changing economic world today, it is no longer the economic theories of Samuelson or Adam Smith but practical mechanisms such as organization, methodology, system, technology, government polices, material, resources, labor productivity, production cost and management efficiency that determine the strength of one's economy. But a hidden factor that could weaken or strengthen a nation's economy lies within ourselves: THE HUMAN FACTOR, or the styles and habits that formed the " PROFESSIONALISM" of the country. Culture is the behavioral experience and processes through our growing up years that effect how we think and behave at work. No countries are alike and no people should be treated as a math. Technology gives us the strength, money gives us the means but the human factor can make or break such strength. The Germans, Norwegians, Swedish, Japanese, Chinese keep their professional quality in pace with growth whereas US professionalism especially in the service sector is so poor, badly impersonal, and over-priced which will lead to even more overseas out-sourcing. Vietnamese professionals have many good strength but we also have many old bad habits to get rid of. Knowing what they are, we can accept the facts, stand up again and rebuild ourselves.

Samuelson's economic models treated all elements as "comparative static math" and that humans can be changed to suit such models. He is wrong. The Chinese people showed us that the human factor could influence or even change Western economic theories. Keynesian models used by both US and Vietnam, advocate governmental interjecting policies or plans to stimulate economic growth. This process produces one-dimensional result merely to serve the interests of groups with access to such influence by power or by chance. Such policies can be easily manipulated by humans beyond government control once policies before it even reaches the societal or implementation stage.

It is the human factor that forced the World's biggest capitalist nation transfers their high tech assets to the World's biggest Communist nation. This points to the fact that humans should never be treated as a math or a monetary prey, and that the exclusive monetary pursuits driven by an Western economic philosophy will eventually make itself into a victim of its own money. No economic policies should take humans lightly. Human is an revolving species with education, intelligence, pride, culture and sentiments - Each elements must be fully observed, analyzed and considered in economic strategies. Certain Vietnamese styles or habits do not support economic growth, we just have to change and practice the necessary professionalism for a modern economy. The exact same lesson even for the US: To regain their strength and their economy, they must get rid of the playful, careless mentality including the equation that societies can be manipulated by legalities and money. Today's world economy proves that Samuelsonism is obsolete and Keynesian is one-dimensional as it does not support nor reach the mass. The Chinese, Koreans and Japanese did not use any of these theories to be successful. They may not even care. They just work honestly, do things correctly, think more and talk less.  Vietnamese can do even better than the Chinese, Japanese or Korean. But we must rebuild a new professionalism with suitable styles and habit in today's economy.


Business begins with DISCIPLINE -  HONESTY - HARD WORK


Be determined to live without CROOKEDNESS, OBSCURITY and ARROGANCE


Management with SCIENCE but respect every HUMAN BEING as a PERSON including our janitor




Operate with a SYSTEM, work with a known PROCESS, reach the goals with planned STRATEGIES

In today's global economy, it is not Western or Eastern economic theories that produce success. It is an intelligent combination of science, technology, human factor together with a comprehensive but sensible economic plan - not for a select few - but for the mass population. We also need to acquire a modern professionalism from management to production to carry out such plan. Nothing more, nothing less. Economic planning is no longer a matter of Westernization but modernization; not a matter of deception but actual strength and real substance combining with a simple but honest working professionalism.


As a nation with a 4000-year culture and hundreds of years of epic historical events, the Vietnamese had a proud history with positive  influence on their human behavior. The long warfare and the tough years of recovery have added new strength in their mentality: Enduring, courageousness, patience, intelligent instinct and a willingness to work hard. Some are naturally calculating, sharp thinking and crafty in any situations. From a socio-psychological analysis, these built-in mental strength are necessary for business or economic plans.  Unfortunately, such strength was never put into good use so many have to use them in no-so-honest personal schemes. However, knowing one's strength is not to be arrogant and complacent but to develop them correctly and scientifically into the right economic future. Let's just discuss a few:

What What for How it can be used for economic growth

To thrive in any endeavors require a mental strength: To endure, tolerate, withstand limitations, obstacles, hardships and to be able to function within these limitations. This is unusual, valuable for society.

Mental strength helps one to endure, tolerate and withstand limitations in life. It is valuable in any economic plan. It is a necessity for quality labor value and useful for any economic and business enterprises. US workers in the 40s to 60s were highly industrial but now with low tolerance or endurance which make them less useful for production, or industrial work. This is caused by a culture that encouraged self-indulging, spoiled, care free. It is caused in part from food and eating habits.

Compared to other Asians, Vietnamese can endure situations with physical or mental limitations in life; Can easily tolerate, understand and withstand far more than other people in other nations. Metal tolerance creates patience, endurance, etc. which are necessary for business or economic growth.


The ability to be flexible, inventive, creative so one can adapt, be useful for many situations & requirements are invaluable for economic growth but we must know how to use it.

Adaptability in limited, new or changing situations are invaluable as labor values for modern industries. It helps us to function with changes and challenges and  broadens our ability to adapt to obstacles and influences along the way. We must use such skill to develop a multi-visionary capability by looking at one issue from various angles and viewpoint and adapt our minds to other's viewpoint. This will enhance and advance our work skills.

Vietnamese can learn, achieve a lot more with very little, whereas Americans must use a lot more external stimulus to learn the same results. They have outstanding capability to work with very little and adapt to a wide variety of situations.


This explains the natural excellence in certain industrial, electronic and software areas far quicker than other Asians including Japanese and Chinese. Any industrial areas with artistic skills are easy for them especially when combined with others characters above.

Exceptional dexterity is an unusual strength of Vietnamese both mentally and physiologically. This strength becomes lost in the mechanical, repetitive assembly line work. However, the more availability of skills must be corresponded with social and economic opportunities. If not, unused skills can become wasteful or even dangerous for society as there will be too much homogeneity (or similarity) in businesses and thus lead to more internal competition to lower income and increase criminality.

Vietnamese have higher dexterity skills both mentally and physiologically. Many are with excellent visual or physical details that help them to thrive easily in most industrial and artistic production areas. Why so? Most grew up with very limited external means. This forced more growth internally.


Inner courage enables a person to go further and reach higher in life. Vietnamese are admirable than others. However in limited economic opportunities, this strength can also cause one to be reckless, careless.

Bravery can be adapted into excellent industrial development for such country. Americans today are badly lacking of this strength due to the wrong social policies, lifestyles, legalistic manipulations in their lives and also in their consumers systems that encourage mental weakness or vulnerability. This is why US manpower continues to be vulnerable to loss to other nations.

Vietnamese are with a history of inner courage and a high level of willingness to engage themselves in any difficult tasks This is in contrast to Americans who grew up with so much external manipulations, they can be care less but not internally strong and must depend more on external means to gain courage.


This capability grew partly from warfare and from physical limitations or lacking of materials, matters, tools, etc. It can be excellent given availability of economic needs or growth but it can be bad for society when lacking of opportunities.

This can be translated or used into excellent labor quality for modernized industries but we have to provide the guidance, the discipline and the distinction as to when personal creativity is useful and when it is not because industrial applications will require labors to be specialized and converged into a more disciplinary method vs. individualized ways. When we understand and develop the right working process, the Vietnamese will thrive and become more productive than others from other nations.

Vietnamese in any subject areas have natural ability to replicate, replace, adapt and creative. This strength must be put to good use. Unfortunately, limitations in economic means and opportunities cause many to use these skills for wrongful activities in their lives.


Vietnamese culture encourages interpersonal sentiments. It is positive and necessary for modern industrial setting. Positive social supportive substructures to sustain better mental state. If we just realize how many suicides a year in the industrial complex in China? Humans require social network and this is important for personal and professional life.

The regimented setting in an industrial production can be intense. Interpersonal sentimentality is a positive character for modern economy. This is an inherent characters of the Vietnamese. The impersonal and dehumanized mentality of Western cultures are NOT conducive to industrial setting, which lead them to problems from conflicts, stress, in-fighting and even suicide. A supportive interpersonal structures among people are important in modern world. Western culture which isolates and dehumanizes people thereby lead to stress, conflicts, weaken morale and even suicide in today's industrial or professional setting.

Population density and  cultural values created Vietnam with a closer personal relationships than other nations. This has economic values in forming useful support structures to soften negative mental aspects of industrial life. It induces cooperation and assistance. This subject is often taken lightly by Westerners. Conflicting or turmoil human problems among workers lead to lower quality products or services.

This invaluable characters and capabilities within the Vietnamese can be very useful and of potential strength of modern industries. If we plan correctly, Vietnamese can easily surpass the Chinese productivity in any industrial areas. This explain why Vietnamese are excellent in personal service industries such as hair, nails, beauty, etc. As social and economic planners, we must develop sufficient and applicable industries for skilful people to excel and prosper. The lacking of opportunities and diversities in society will lead the country to an economic homogeneity which induces heavy inner competitions, lower their income, and underlying criminality or "crookedness" in order to survive.

 Rule #1:  Economic growth begins with DISCIPLINE -  HONESTY - HARD WORK


What for

How it can be used for economic growth


Discipline is absolute necessity for Vietnamese professionals to acquire in any economic plans in any industries including agriculture. Discipline means ON-TIME, EXACT, FOLLOW A SCHEDULE...

Vietnamese are diligent but to elevate ourselves in modern economy, we must develop a disciplinary work habit in additions to our skills, diligence and dedication. Discipline is NOT rigidity, difficult or mindless and mechanical which leads to poor service and bad business manners. A professional discipline is to exercise sensibility, wisdom to get things DONE on time but still respect, intelligent and mentally controlled when it cannot.

Lacking of discipline is more of a habit than a character for Vietnamese. Discipline means to be PRECISE, EXACT, ON-TIME REGARDLESS , NO SHORT CUTS, NO EXCUSES, NO DELAYS, NO SORRY WHATSOEVER!


Unlike common notion, HONESTY, TRUTHFUL, CORRECT are basic and required conduct, quality and character for international dealing or in business especially in product info and selling work.

To be successful in any serious international business, incorrect, imprecise info or lies are not useful or necessary. It's best to be clear, diplomatic, nicely spoken or written but honest. This is a most problematic issues for Vietnam. Honesty is now a problem with US businesses but at a much higher level of sophistication by exploiting legalities, computers and stupidities among government offices. It is a mistake for them to use their mouth instead of their work and will taint a bad image for US businesses within another 5 years.

It is not that Vietnamese are not honest. It's that they tolerate simple lies easily. Honesty is a distinct character of a professional worker or manager to be successful in international business that we must have.


Most of us think that business wisdom is to avoid hard work. This is wrong. HARD WORK is required no matter who, how and when in modern businesses.

It's wrong for Americans or Vietnamese to think that modern economy means to be smart and no work. China's success was because of hard work. Success begins with hard work in both management and production. Western businesses suffers because managers are wasteful, playful, and work less. Arrogance and Complacency are the road downfall that we must avoid.

Economic plans are not just talks. It is a hands-on dirty work, it requires dedication, devotion and many hours of concentration. Hard working does not mean working brainlessly. Hard working means using one's physical, manual and mental capabilities harder and better.

It is a serious mistake when we do not take these simple qualities seriously in any businesses. Lacking of the above qualities in any labor force can bring down an economy of a large nation as in the US example, let alone a small one. These basic characters were the strength of Japan, Korea, Taiwan and now China. There is no reasons why Vietnamese cannot be even better. Many younger Vietnamese tend to equate "pleasurable life" with "modernization" and this is the same reason why Western nations are declining in strength.

 Rule #2:  DECEPTION, OBSCURITY AND ARROGANCE are the roads to economic downfall

These characters are present in all humans in our growing up process. Today's international economics and in any industrial fields, these characters are not useful and not beneficial. The Japanese in the 70's and Chinese in the early 90s quickly taught themselves to change these practices and since then, they have regained constant economic growth around the world. US businessmen are now suffering from these problems since 2005's and continue to loose credibility. Vietnamese are not arrogant people but have serious problems with other characters embedded in our culture from the long years of warfare to recovery. We must make a determination to remove these characters from our professional mentality to be successful in today's economy.

What Why How do they affect economic growth


People assume that international businesses can be more crooked. Experienced traders have studied our country a lot more than we do ourselves. Crookedness causes a bad name for the entire country.

Generations of hardships have built in this habit for life in Vietnam. To many, it was the only way to survive so it became a way of life. But in a world economy and international trade, crookedness does not work. It prevents business growth, it will lead to distrust, disputes and discredit. Internally, it causes delays, conflicts, and creates obstacles to a timing operation in modern production.

The many years of struggles during the war created many forms of cheatings among all levels of social strata. In modern businesses, technology can cause crookedness to be easily disclosed and it is not necessary


Obscurity is when one is evasive, unclear about himself. Businesses often use fancy, science, legalistic languages to be deceptive. This leads to disrespect distrust, and even costly revenge.

OBSCURITY, indirect, unclear, elusiveness and indirectness, etc are not useful in modern industrial setting as work process needs to move faster. We can simply be FACTUAL, CLEAR, SINCERE but KIND in our work process with honest communications and good intent. Never intimidate, never manipulate, never threaten others as it will cause disrespect and creditability problems.

Business and professionalism in today's information age needs consistent FACTUALITY AND CLARITY IN WORDS, DEEDS AND IN PAPERWORK.


Arrogance, if any, should be felt and never be known or heard. Arrogance is a leading cause of failures among US businesses and easily to cause weakness as arrogant persons easily become careless.

Personal pride is different from arrogance based on the factuality of the issue whereas arrogance is the use of verbal or visual displays and denunciation of others without much factuality or good intent. A professional in modern economy needs no arrogance but to use his performance, productivity, skill or intelligence to gain respect or results. Arrogance often leads to complacence, assumption and laziness. It actually exposes the underlying weaknesses in that person.

ARROGANCE is a powerful way to be disrespected in business and will also lead ourselves to failure on our own. It also leads to complacent, laziness and carelessness. Vietnamese are not arrogant but more like to be opinionated due to the years having to struggle on their own life alone.

To be more effective and competitive in the world economy, we must unlearn the old working styles and manners of our past. Deception was a style of the past; Obscurity is no longer useful with the information age and arrogance is a psychological poison that can blind a smartest man. Humility is one of the greatest gift and teaching of the forefathers of Vietnam. It is a proven successful strategy for many business and a most dangerous one for other competing nations in today's world economy.


What Why How it can be used for economic growth


Regardless of any economic theories, HUMAN FACTOR must be respected, wisely supportive and included in our planning and growth strategies.

Human factor is critical and is well respected in our economic plans. Vietnamese grew up with closer friendship and family circles and culturally more personable and sensitive than others. Western management mannerism and style is not suitable. We must develop a management plan that nurtures closer personal support system will be more productive in many ways.

Science is a neutral and dependable REFERENCE but HUMANS are still the OPERATOR of modern economy but in a scientifically advanced way


Human factor are individuals with emotions and feelings that will react to our own actions upon them. They must be respected, treated with care. To be professional is to learn how to work with them - not without.

The downfall of Western thinking is that humans can be influenced by external means from the outdated theory of supply-demand doctrines. Human factor, their culture, mind, nation, must always be respected and considered, never be underestimated, shallowly thought of as a tool to exploit.

We can never disregard the importance of respecting humans and human emotions, feeling in business. Any disregards will cause us to be much less effective and even to fail.


No management effectiveness is achieved without learning SCIENCE and knowing PEOPLE. Both of them are not mechanical matters and must be well considered in modern economy.

Western macroeconomic and management models mechanize both science and humans as numerical values that interact with them via needs, money. Once no longer needed, both are discarded. Such models are even counter-productive. As professionals, we must never copy this outdated management style if we want to be successful.

Effective management must depend more on SCIENCE and a wise respect to HUMANS AND THEIR INNER FEELINGS. Poor management are often a result of insensitivity to staff and workers.

As Western-trained professional, we have learned and experienced the greatness of both Western and Eastern culture. To understand and respect the human fact is still a formula and theory that are much more useful than any economic theories from any sources. Humans are not to be treated as commodities or mechanical parts within a process. The Vietnamese people have a much more natural sensitivity towards other humans and this is a good thing to retain and to improve upon.


What Why How it can be used for economic growth


Western thinking allows science can be used to serve individual or corporate interest or for any purposes including costly damages to societal. We strongly disagree.

We must teach our future generations to use science and technology for the common needs of society, of other humans and of global concerns. If we continue to allow any irresponsible use, we continue to cause conflicts of interests and make global plans much harder and costlier for other poorer nations.

SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY must be guided towards peace, stability and happiness for society and not solely for individual selfish goals as in Western societies today.


Social responsible use of Science and Technology is a moral, national and legal issue for each nation, we must prevent irresponsible criminals.

In the name of "freedom" Western nations allow criminals to use science for anti-social and even terroristic acts. We believe that it is both stupid and wrong. Smaller countries may not have the means to protect innocent people. As professionals, we must know and work solely for the benefits of society and of humans.

SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY are useful tools for us to improve life, protect humans and environment.


Science and technology are important for future generations to learn and to become useful to their people and their nation.

Advocating responsibility and science/technology, we also take a stand against technology criminals that do nothing but terrorize businesses, governments, software companies, banks, etc. We must teach our future generations to respect others and respect their society, their nation and the international communities.

SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY are important values and should also be transferred to younger generations via education at home and schools.


It's necessary for developing nations to advocate responsibility for higher productivity by self-responsibility towards products and productivity. When individual services recesses, such aggregate decline in productivity and lead to economic decline for that nation.

Western nations uses individualism to intensify consumers market. They blindly allow supply-demand philosophy to govern society, industry and other humans. This exploitation model increased high wages and self interest without increasing productivity. When money supply reaches limit or stagnant (when economy cannot grow), this philosophy breaks down their industry, produces more poor quality workmanship and eventually relocate their own labor services overseas. This is what happens to US industry and they must remedy this problem.

No social or economic institutions can exist on its own. It is a fallacy and a danger for poorer society to follow the footsteps of individualism to an excessive extent. To look at society and people as the end of one's work.

Regardless of how other nations operate, we must develop independent policy of our own regarding SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY. This is not only to present a stronger and more respectable image of Vietnam and be respected in the World, it will also develop a responsible, respectable future generations and elevate the moral and ethical standards of our professionals.


Vietnamese are highly individual in character and strength. They have the ability to work independently and thrive for success independently. However in a modern economic warfare with competitions from other nations, individual strength alone is not a formula for success. We must learn to work with an organized system, combining strength with others; must operate with a pre-designed process of knowing when, where and how the possible moves will be; and we also must have a well planned strategies and clear objectives in every stage or process to ascertain such objectives.

What Why How it can be used for economic growth

The first step in working as a professional in modern economy is learning why and how we must operate as a SYSTEM, a UNITY, and a NETWORK.

Vietnamese are great at the ability to work independently and diligently. But to create a strong and competitive economy in the modern world, we must be organized and work as a system with clear operations, compartments and interrelated functions. But each compartment must operate in cooperation with the others and never copy the US style of fragmentation and in-fighting.

Professionalism means that we must learn to organize, networking and cooperate to strengthen ourselves as a team to accomplish more and to learn not to weaken each others for the interests of society


The designed process within each department and of the whole organization is essential for our success.

Vietnamese never get used to working with a designed, written process and an operation manual that mechanize and systemize the whole entity or organization. Without a designed process, we are weak, fragmented, inefficient, slow without knowing who is accountable in the event of problem.

All professional working requires an clearly designed process and not just work as it comes. We cannot accomplish much with the old ways.


Strategies are defined by the situation. Strategies in any economic plans are highly organized but also highly flexible with sub-strategies and alternatives.

Again, to be professionals in modern economic organization against strong nations, we must prepare ourselves with various sets of strategic plans for each working process or phase. This is an inevitable way that professionals must operate. It may takes a while for Vietnamese to adapt to this working style but they will appreciate it when they see the results.

As professionals, there must be well designed plans and strategies to achieve these plans. Strategies must be followed thru but must be flexible enough to adapt to changes.


Professionalism means the WISDOM of achieve results using procedure is a guide. American styles are slow and self-defeating when procedures are their goals. Industrial production is a dynamic process with changes, adaptations, movements. PROCEDURES are just guidelines for efficiency - not the ends we serve.

A weakness of US administrative and management is their excessive use of rules and procedures without using their heads. Their work process is heavy and cumbersome. It creates hatred, conflicts and delays. Procedures are operating and management means but not the ends we serve. Wisdom, Productivity and Service are. We cannot use procedure to limit labor quality and constraint production. Too much procedures is working like a blind and brainless man: Eventually he will hurt himself or others. This system is slow, stressful and not suitable for modern economy. It causes smart workers to quit and bad workers to be worse.

Even though modern industrial production must be pre-designed, professionalism means that we still need WISDOM over PROCEDURES. Procedures are guidelines but not designed to solve all problems or exceptions.  US administrative and economic engines are cumbersome with too much rules that cause their work to be slow, costly and will continue to make their industries inefficient and services are slow and poor.

Concluding Notes

To be an effective and productive nation in modern economy requires such nation to learn to adopt new professional working styles and methods within ourselves. Certain old and unproductive habits of the past from dishonesty, obscurity, undisciplined, etc. must be discarded. No matter how good our working system, our economic plans may be, we still first have to be stronger from within as a new professional in modern world. We must elevate ourselves and demand respect from others and be successful. Frankly speaking, some of the old Vietnamese working styles not only slows our economic growth, they are OBSTACLES to economic progress.


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