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A Multi-national Non-Profit Professional Organization for Agricultural and Rural Development for Vietnam

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There are numerous specialty products and services in Vietnam with millions of consumers that can be produced domestically rather than imported from other nations so we can generate new industries in Vietnam creating hundreds of thousands jobs to poor Provinces with disaster-ridden problems.  The reason why these industries have not been developed in Vietnam because (1) These products have been imported exclusively and protectively by a small group of importers with close ties to government in the past; (2) Misinformation about these products or services by these importers so they can exploit domestic consumers. With some testing and engineering work, we can replace the import and have them made in Vietnam.

There are also numerous products to service special needs of those provinces with repetitive flooding, erosions and building products that are known to cause cancers that we must replace, etc. These are another group of products that we will seek to build in Vietnam. Their product strategies are simple and straight forward: We must look at necessary products with either compulsory or necessary consumptions and build them in Vietnam. This is SENSIBLE, SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE.  These cancer-causing products were imported and sold in Vietnam by unscrupulous importers before and after the war and knowingly not informing buyers of their danger. We must replace MILLIONS of houses with these materials immediately. By replacing these cancer-causing products, we also saving the people from living with the potential of illness that will add more misery to their poverty life.


We agreed by now that these industrial businesses are designed to incubate early growing stage of agriculture and to cultivate themselves into independent industries within a few years. These are innovative or special for one of these reasons:

Reason 1:

High domestic needs or high profit return to reach break-even point and profitable point in less than 1 year

Reason 2:

With immediate use by our Agricultural Sector so we can avoid import of the same equipment in 1 year

Reason 3: 

With special needs by the poor or by a special problem such as disaster, public health, etc.

Reason 3: 

With special designs created exclusively by VINAREX

Based on one or more of these reasons, we will develop these industrial projects as soon as possible so we can support our agricultural plans. Certain industrial items will not be described in any details or with any images here to protect our interests.

We will provide an overview of each industry for public interests and support but will not discuss their technical details on open webs.


These existing and compelling factors give us the confidence that these industries can be developed in Vietnam with us.

Factor 1:

Knowledge and experience with the production, market and engineering of these products

Factor 2:

Skilled designers, metal fabricators and willing workers in Vietnam for us to train and to produce

Factor 3: 

Use our own projects to gain experience to support suitable business conditions

Factor 4:

Financial and technical supports from various nations to start up these projects

Factor 5:

Study and train our staff to build them to match or exceed quality from China

Factor 6:

Cooperative financing or leasing programs with local banks to facilitate domestic leases or sales

The availability of skilled designers and skilled metal workers who are also willing to work at low pay at the beginning will help to establish bases for growth. We will also actively seek building contracts with US, JP, UK to provide knowledge, materials and manufacturing machineries; As businesses in Vietnam realize that their purchases of these equipment or products will help farmers and other industrial workers, this will help to increase our sales. We also will seek to export them within 5 years after completion of various testing and achieving certain level of quality.



These are a few examples of industrial businesses that are currently with extremely high demand and popular usage. Some are with overseas market in certain States of the US and the Pacific Islands. We will not discuss or describe the details of these products on this website but may note that these listed items are sold in Vietnam but made overseas (CN, TW, KR); We will create similar items but using  higher engineering, selectively hi tech materials, intended to be sold at reasonable prices and most importantly, they will be custom fabricated in Vietnam by Vietnamese technicians in encourage more industrial production.

Our Re-designed (Omitted) systems for commercial and residential use

(Omitted) for home, street, street vendors, markets, etc.

Geo-textile for agricultural, civil engineering and infrastructural uses

Other private industrial products not to be discussed on website

We have the experience to develop these systems into a larger scale industry for VN for domestic use. These systems are of large demand in Vietnam. Presently imported from TW, KR and CN. We will first made overseas but will produce in VN within 3 years

We have extensive experience in this line and can develop into  a larger scale industry for VN for domestic and some export to smaller nations and use the money to support our farmers and our agricultural plans. This system will help a lot of poor, small business in Vietnam

Geotextiles are desperately needed in VN due to heavy erosion from repetitive and damaging weather. We will seek fabrication equipments and technical assistance from US, JP.

These are some examples of products to be developed by us as means to generate income and to cultivate into permanent industries in the near future.


As mentioned earlier, our greenhouse and indoor agriculture programs will need a large number of equipments as these programs expand to more provinces. Our intention is that BEFORE these programs even start, our directors, planners and researchers will start looking into plans to manufacture these equipment at the same time and hope to be able to re-produce them in 2 to 3 years. We also will expand into other equipment for other commercial or business users especially in the areas of food processing.

Manufacture smaller sprout equipment to sell in 3 years

Water sterilization system for food processors, hospitals or small villages in 3 yrs

Improved refrigerated and other food display equipments

Simple sanitary food display for outdoor markets

Improved outdoor vending carts for street vendors

Smaller sprout systems can be useful for small enterprises in smaller towns where our greenhouse veg network cannot reach. They also encourage more businesses for small poor villages

Water purification systems are both a good business for the organization while provide better water sources for the public especially crowned and poor towns

We can design, create and train skilled workers to mfg much needed sanitary display systems small enough to suit Vietnam. These are to improve our national image and protect public health.

As population grows, more diseases develop. Old display styles carries and spread bacteria. We can design simple systems to sell at low cost yet improve sales and minimize bacterial growth. We strongly believe in our ability to build them.

With a knowledge, method, equipment and skill workers, it is possible to create, build reasonably cost food carts. We can design to sell w/ creative financing to help vendors to sell and improve public health for the public like other countries.

How do we finance these projects?

We will seek to develop one of these following method (1) Joint Ventures but imports only parts cannot be made in Vietnam (2) Whenever possible, priority will be to seek donations of manufacturing equipment and to be made on our own (3) Local banks to provide creative financing to buyers with some support from the government so people can use cleaner equipments to sell foods.

Can we build these at low cost to Vietnamese users?

Technically it is not difficult for engineers to devise a fabrication process once knowing the design and the materials. It is possible to manufacture these to sell and also to help the poor with a better tool to make a living. But we must be able to do the followings (1) Must be able to import steel materials at lower taxing (2) We can negotiate special purchasing plans with supplier as an organization (3) Creative financing and support by the government to vendors and (4) Knowing how to design systemize the components and (5) With some funding assistance from outside sources.

Unlike many people think, food display systems can be developed at reasonable price if we know how to design one. Experience in agriculture is excellent for us to develop other much needed products for commercial uses not only to help the sellers keep their food longer with less bacterial growth, they also help the public to minimize the spread of diseases from exposed to open air and handled by many customers. This is critical factor for public health and a foundation for a better living habitat.


Vietnam is with various building materials introduced by foreign companies during the war that poses serious public health problem and must be corrected as soon as possible. Our plan is to LOOK FOR THESE URGENT PROBLEMS and MAKE THE REPLACEMENT PRODUCTS. This will be good for the public, the society and also helps the persons who are now living with this dangerous problem. By creating an industrial manufacturing based on people's need and public health, we are doing a service to the people as well as to create decent business with existing needs. Here are some examples of these URGENT PUBLIC HEALTH PRODUCTS:


This is the most pressing public health need. These asbestos-cement roofs (widely used in VN, mostly by the poor, made and sold to VN by TW, IN, MY in the 50s to 70s; Many are broken, expose asbestos to the air and dumped anywhere to further damage the environment. Government may require these to be replaced ASAP. To provide this at low cost, we also carry out our duty as responsible Vietnamese for the society. This is among the many examples of dangerous problems we must eradicate for the country.

What are asbestos?

Where are these asbestos products in Vietnam? Many! Roofs, pipes, tiles, etc.

Where did these asbestos products came from?

We can supply at least METAL ROOF at low cost to people now have asbestos roofs

How this Program works?

1) Provide info and to inspect, test for asbestos roofs, etc.

2) Work out a financing w/ banks to replace  for owner

3) Obtain support, financing, manufacturing assistance w/ international organizations;

4) Replace for people at low cost and installment payment.

ASBESTOS is a microscopic fiber w/ high tensile strength used to make many strong, long lasting construction materials, industrial parts. They cause serious lung cancer and other internal diseases to people

Hundreds of thousands houses in Vietnam still use asbestos roofs, asbestos water/sewage pipes, floor tiles, tiles, walls, ceilings, etc As they aged, fibers are released into the air, exposed household to danger...

Many years ago, these asbestos roofs, pipes are sold in massive quantity from TW, KR, INDIA, MALAYSIA. Now also from CN. Brake pads from cars also release asbestos to the air unknown to the public

With donations of metal roof machines or as joint venture with private party, we can produce replace asbestos one for people. This is an urgent public health matter and people must replace them asap.

Millions of homes in VN used asbestos roofs now deteriorated, many disposed anywhere to expose land and air to asbestos. We must have a plan TO eradicate them for the country. THIS IS AN URGENT HEALTH problem in VN.



FLOOD PREVENTION AND CONTROL is a critical need in Vietnam. We will discuss this matter in our "Infrastructure" heading. This brief discussion will provide an quick overview of our jobs. Flood control involves both the NATURAL and MAN-MADE methods and must be operated within an broader MASTER PLAN to interrelate and coordinate each project. These flood control are made available at each of our regional office or agricultural site ready for use by the government. We make money by charge per each use, or lease to the government at low cost so at least we can make some money back while supporting local government in these important public work. Details are not suitable here but just a brief description for reference.

Designate FLOOD DIVERSION zones, diversion routes for all provinces

Study, Create Drain Ponds, Diversion Route, Escape routes for water

Study time-lapse satellite pictures, geo models, GPS maps to create flood escape channels

Plan our urban, industrial, ag zone sites at strategic locations to divert flood flows

Create and prepare diversion storage ponds with or without natural filtering system


Study sediments in rivers, trash dump patterns and plan emergency barriers

Make and store emergency sand bags and shelters to sell cheap to people just in case

Purchase, store emergency water pumps, sludge/sand pumps

Create and prepare flood control equipment & engineered structures for emergency use

Design and Create Engineered Barriers, Emergency bridges for residents

FLOOD PREVENTION AND CONTROL MASTER PLAN and various response operations must be in place. Our organization can invite the participations of international organizations in the planning and development while we will work with Vietnamese engineers to design and build various equipments, tools, supplies as well as emergency supplies ready to assist people including sand bags, pumps and temporary shelters. Most items will be sold at low cost to people so we can make a little extra to support our agricultural and industrial workers at the same time, servicing the people with emergency need that they cannot find or may be charged high prices by others...



To avoid the hundreds of millions USD loss that other countries including US, CN had suffered, we must start to design, prepare and ready materials and equipments to deal with oil spills. When disaster occurs, EACH HOUR MEANS MILLIONS. We will use our knowledge to design innovative but fast, simple materials to control oil spills at sea, in rivers. This also protect the very fragile environment that millions of the poor from farmers to fishermen have to depend on for their daily survival. Export of these products is highly profitable. However, it is a principle and policy of this Organization that we cannot charge high prices to domestic needs except export so at least we can create a profit to support agriculture and other rural infrastructure tasks.

To design and build floating barriers for oil spills in water

To design and build complete barriers for shallow waters

To develop, grow, store oil-eating natural bacteria to sell

To develop and store oil absorbing particles

To join w/ overseas engineers to design a smaller vessel to collect oil at sea or water

Today's boom designs are too bulky to start, to retrieve, or store. We can develop other designs that less storage, fast to start, fast to extend and fast to retrieve. We believe that our design is more practical in the world. Also, they can be fabricated in Vietnam

We also need to design and build complete barrier such as above. These are designed for shallow waters and this is most suitable for VN for river use or for shore lines.

Vietnam has a large variety of algae and other plants that can produce natural oil absorbent or oil-eating bacteria. They are in powder form for easy usage. We strongly believe that there is no need to use chemicals dispersant or absorbent in today's science.

From observing examples of oil spill clean up equipments and process, we prefer an ON-SHORE reservoir to process spilled oil vs at sea. This process is cleaner, cost less, oil transported quicker w/small boats, easier to maintain and equipments are re-useable.

We hope to set up a design program with oil companies to build smaller but versatile remote-controlled vessel to clean. These smaller models cost less, efficient, fast. Most existing models are too bulky and too slow and too single-task designed

We must be prepared for oil disasters because it is often more difficult to prevent oil spill from accidents. When it happens, it can be costly to the government, the nation, and to our other industries from fishing, tourism to local businesses. We believe we have better innovations in this area. With our own engineers and with the assistance from overseas governments are this is an important environmental duty, we are confident in our ability to build them in 2 years; These can be exported for profitable returns so we can use it on our agriculture and rural development.

The above examples illustrate the principle, character and meaning of our planning strategy: To solve an urgent public health problem for the poor while also supporting the growth of our agricultural or industrial segment for farmers, workers. We create of a roof manufacturing industry so we can help at least 10 million poor families still living with disease-causing asbestos materials above their head and on their feet, in turn, we also help agriculture; We create materials and equipment that can help people with unexpected flooding, while such extra money will also go to support many welders, factory staff to learn new skills... These are the vivid examples of what we can use our knowledge and intelligence for. This is the kind of economic development we must do. Not the economics of exploiting the needs of the poor when they are dying from the illness of asbestos or  from the loss of their properties to flood...We cannot follow the ruthless footsteps of extreme capitalism. If our organization will not address these problem, some private companies will use these situations to bleed these victims. As educated professionals, we consider our work a duty, a social responsibility and not just a matter of economics.


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