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        About our work: Human Support Programs within VINAREX



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The followings are human support programs WITHIN our organization. We will use these as pilot plan hopefully that others can benefit from our efforts.

Economic planning and rural development are not complete without the inclusion of essential life-support programs such as HEALTH CARE, HEALTH INSURANCE PROGRAMS, HEALTH PREVENTION SERVICES, DISASTER PREVENTION AND INSURANCE, etc.  For those with money, they can protect themselves from unwanted life problems but for the poor, every unfortunate event in life such as health, disaster, flood, storm, accident, etc. may cost them everything they have worked so hard to save.

We also must prepare and equip the younger generations with more practical vocational training to sustain a continuous growth pattern with modernized agriculture and industry. For Vietnam, this is even more essential as a very large percentage of high school graduates are unable to afford neither university education. Without additional skill preparation, they all will continue to compete for the same low wage laborers in factories rather than being able to contribute to any industrialized Vietnam under our projection. A better trained labor population will strengthen the industrial bases thus better prepared us to grow economically.


These are human support programs within VINAREX organization created for family members of farmers and industrial workers working with us. They will be built within the first 10 years of our operations. Certain programs will be established earlier such as professional training and health care plan; Others will be develop after the 3rd year such as flood insurance and university scholarships. VINAREX will also participate with other public or private organizations to have sufficient memberships for affordability. Each program will be planned and written individually. We will list only the heading and a brief description herein.


Est % income to contribute

Est  years to reach benefit (1)

Est Min  members (2)

Explanation or Planning Objectives

1) FLOOD INSURANCE PLAN  for selective provinces where our agricultural sites are located

2 to 4% 3 25,000 to 40,000

Flood Insurance to assist farmers and non-farmers protection in the event of flood that will wipe out their future.

2) Within our region or program sites, PROFITABLE PROVINCES to support poorer provinces.


Within our own agricultural programs, some excess profit will be set aside to support poorer provinces (in insurance cost) for a set number of years until they become self-sufficient

3) HEALTH or HOSPITALIZATION INSURANCE program for people in the countryside

3 to 6% 1 100,000

Health insurance must combine with prevention programs + other strong measures to prosecute frauds, criminals and abuses. The first 3 years, eligibility may be limited to hospitalization cost, etc.

4) UNIVERSITY EDUCATION PLAN for farmers/staff families after 10 yrs working

2 to 5% 10 10,000

We have to combine this plan with subsidies and scholarships and by better financial management/distribution so more students can benefit instead of a few.

5) VOCATIONAL SCHOOL support plan for families after 5 years of working with us

1 to 3% 5 NA

Education is important for the strength of a nation. We will support this plan by setting money aside for tuition cost. Members also have priority for other jobs within our organization.

6) CROP INSURANCE PLAN for all farmer-invested farms

1.5 - 2.5% 1 NA

We will set aside insurance payment after 1 year; This will protect farmer's investment (if applicable); Crop insurance is obligatory for the first 5 years (as security for farmers) and optional thereafter.

7) 50% cost for RETIREMENT PLAN for any farmers/workers

1 to 3% 15 25,000

Our organization will contribute 50% to the retirement cost of all farmers and staff working with us for a minimum of 15 years

8) HOUSING PLAN for any distant agricultural sites or for those without a home

2 to 3% 3 NA

With urbanized lands become costly and when our agricultural sites are distant, we will set money aside for construction of housing cost to farmers without a home or who can buy at special price with condition that they don't resell (to prevent rising cost)

9) LOAN-GUARANTEE SUPPORT for farmers to build own homes after 5 years of working with us

5 - 10 % 5 NA

If a farmer willing to set aside a small % of income as saving for future use (homes, land, business, etc), after 5 years, we will guarantee to support them to secure loans for these purposes


Annual fee 3 25,000

As our organization grows, we will negotiate with other companies (such as auto insurance, supermarkets, electronic or appliance shops...) to provide our members with special discounts...

(1) Most insurance plans have a waiting period or the number of years the members have to contribute (similar to retirement, education, etc.   (2) We need to have enough members to make the plan work; This can be reached by inviting other private groups or join (all or in part) with other insurance plans.


Education and training are the foundation of growth and quality within our system and for society. To strengthen the future of our export agriculture and light industries, we plan to develop SPECIFIC VOCATIONAL TRAINING PROGRAMS within the first 2 years so within 5 years, we will have a number of quality professionals and technicians to work. Funding will be inquired with UN, other leading nations and from private interests. Proposed funding and support sources are:

United Nations

United States

Government of VN Foreign Govs Private Companies VINAREX Vinarex Enterprises Donations

Salaries for teachers and staff UN teachers

Start up expenses, equipments, Teachers Facility, rent On-going supplies Recruitment Advertisements Supplement Salary for management On-site, field training, Development Salaries and Expenses Student Support & Services



Typical Subjects

1) Agricultural, Industrial, Mechanical,      Manufacturing vocations

9-month Junior Technicians

Modern agriculture, Ecology, Environment, Organic agriculture, Agricultural Equipment, Basic Entomology, Pesticide Usage, Occupational Safety, Industrial designs, Basic Engines, Diesel Mechanics, Modern Welding, Fundamental Manufacturing, Modern Factories, Manufacturing procedures and safety

2-year Technicians

Requirement: High School level

2) Supervisor skills, Management, English, Management/Admin software

9-month Office Technicians

Management and leadership, Work Organization, English, International trade, Import-Export, Maritime laws, International laws, Ethics and Marketing, Management and business software usage, Transportation/shipping, etc.

2-year Junior Manager

Requirement: 6-mo Apprenticeship

3) University-related Training: Work-Experience, Teachers Training, Overseas work/study/scholarships, Teachers exchange

Student-work, Internship, teacher-intern

Programs designed to provide Vietnamese students with work, jobs,  experiences in various fields and to work with our programs or others.

6-year University-certified Teachers

Training, exchange, scholarships

4) Certified Program for: Teacher, Pesticide Users, Agricultural/Export Inspectors,

2-year Junior Instructor Program

We will design these programs with the Government of VN to immediately train teachers, government inspectors, pesticide users-trainer-inspector program

Pesticide Users, Inspector training

Senior Inspector Training

5) Other Specific industrial training or Technicians for greenhouses, machinery, equipment, shipping, export, distribution, transportation, etc

Must setup immediate training for specific work before and during specific industries are operational.

Such as: Plastics, Metallurgy, Folk Lift safety, heavy equipment operator, Modern Ag Equipments, Truck-Tractor Testing-training, Detail Skill Tests, Distribution Management, Transportation management, Shipping management, Installer of agricultural structures, , etc

6) Certified Specialist for: Infrastructure and environment programs: sanitation system, sanitation technology, machinery operations, Environmental Inspectors, etc

9 to 12-mo Technician program,

As we start build infrastructural programs/products, garbage processing sites/plans, environmental protection programs, etc. we must train sufficient staff specialized in these subject areas and projects.

2-yr Supervisor programs

6-months workers programs

7) Special creation and training of new staff: Government specialists to prevent/detect abuses of chemicals, bio agents harmful to habitat, environment, waters, etc to protect public health, export, environment, etc

Similar to modern air security officers, we must create officers to protect exports economics and public interests.

Heavy fines must be required for environ-mental and infrastructural work.

In time, Vietnam must develop industries but must protect its human habitat, environment especially against the use of bioagents on plants, animals and contaminations of river, lake with industrial chemical, biological wastes. The abuses can lead to dangerous public health and threaten the future of our economy, agriculture.

These vocational or specialist training programs must be planned immediately and to take place no later than the first year of operations so by the 3rd year of operations, we may have trained sufficient number of staff and workers for us and/or for Vietnam industries in the future.

The above support programs are what will be provided within our organization for agricultural and industrial workers within our economic plans. These programs will be developed concurrently with other plans outside of our staff and will be used as test plans for broader human support programs as described in "Planning for the Future" Chapter.


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